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    Default Which is the better room at CSA?

    Oceanfront suite, or oceanfront veranda suite? And what are the main differences in the two? Thanks.

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    No oceanfront suite,

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    Neither of those rooms that you listed actually exist.

    There is an Ocean Verandah Suite, a Beachfront Verandah Suite and a Beachfront Suite.

    The two beachfront rooms are the equivalent in price/quality, however, the BFS (no verandah) is on the original side of the resort, meaning 3-4 rooms per building and NO TV. (Both have minibars.) They are also set right on the beach and have a spectacular view of the beach/ocean. Some first floor rooms may have foliage blocking your view, however, I found that it didn't detract, and just added to the privacy of the room.

    The BFVS is on the newer side of the property and they have TV's. They are in buildings of 12 rooms on 3 floors. They are right on the beach and have a spectacular view of the ocean and the beachfront.

    The OVS is also on the newer side, and the rooms are identical to the BFVS, however, they are set back from the beach. Most have at least a partial view of the ocean, some have a spectacular view of the ocean.

    Some like the original side, some like the newer side. It's really a matter of personal preference. Take a look at the pictures on the accomodations page, and pick which one YOU like better.
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    Default Thanks. I meant to say beach instead of ocean. No

    TV in beachfront probably means the beachfront veranda for us. Thanks for the info.

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    We have stayed in the beachfront verandah suites four times, and I have booked a beachfront suite for January. Bob has finally said that he thinks he can go 10 days without a TV in the room! We love the BFVS and BFS rooms at CSA - you really can't get any closer to the beach for the money. The third floor BFVS rooms probably provide the best view. But it can be a hike climbing 3 sets of stairs late at night after a hard day of drinking, if you get my drift.

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    We stayed in a veranda suite and it was fine. The only thing is that we did hear some street traffic. But I remembered I had brought some ear plugs and I slept fantastically!!!! You don't need to spend the extra on your room, they are all very nice. We only slept in there and spent the rest of the time enjoying the resort with so much to do!!!

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    Default Beachfront Verandah Suite

    Our favorite for the past 6 years has been the Beachfront Verandah Suite. We love that the French doors open up right on the beach and that we can lie in bed hearing the ocean. With these rooms, you are just steps away from the beach and the lounge chairs. They are worth every penny!

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