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    Default Off-site things to do??

    We'll be visiting Swept Away in November. What are some things we could or should do off-site? Any rum exursions or road trips that we should not miss out on? Should these type of trips be lined up ahead of time or does the resort do a good job of that?

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    I've said it before and I'll say it again

    Go out on the beach at Swept Away... Face the water and then take a left. Best excursion there is....

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    When we went to CSA we were gone 6 out of 7 days. I wouldn't recommend doing that but we never thought we would make it back and we wanted to see Jamaica. We went on the rum/black river/falls tour. Just doing one wouldn't make sense because it is a far drive. But doing all three was amazing. We did horseback rides, didn't really wow me but I own my own horses! We also did the shopping tour. Wouldn't ever do it again! The best of all and I would do it over and over! Matter of fact we did make it back and went to CSS this summer. We loved the ATV ride at CSA soooooo much that we did the buggys at CSS. They were both amazing. So at CSA if you are only doing one make it the atv. You ride up into the mountains and get to visit a little school and church and really learn some stuff and have a blast. I am not an experienced rider at all, 1st time on one actually, and I did fine. No shifting involved just push the buttom with your right thumb. And the drive to the excursion is less than 30 minutes. And I would just book the trips when you get there. All the brochures are there and someone that is very helpful in setting everything up for you.

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