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    Default Makeup products at CSA

    Hello! I've decided I'm going to take the risk, and get my makeup done at the resort spa at Couples Swept Away. Can anyone tell me what type of foundation they use? Is it airbrushed? Additionally, do they do false lashes? I have a particular look in mind, just want to be aware of what they have to offer. If anyone has pictures of their wedding makeup they'd like to share, I'd REALLY appreciate it!!
    Thank you!

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    Gosh I wish I would have asked more questions when I had my makeup done. I can't answer your questions but I can tell you I was very pleased with what Carly did. I'll say I normally don't wear much as I drive a truck for a living but I thought she did a great job. I can't post here but if you want I could email you a couple shots.

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    We were married that in 2013 and Colinette did a phenomenal job. And I am not one for much makeup, at all.

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    My friend married at the CSA and she took some favor with her make up as her beautician skipped a thing or two of her make up kit and they were very helpful at the resort.

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