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    Default Sunset Wedding in September CSA

    Hi All,

    So I know it has been said a thousand times on here that September is hurricane season and nobody can predict the weather. However, currently we have it on the calendar to get married on September 5th, 2016 at 4pm at CSA!!

    Two questions: In the experience of those who have already been to Jamaica, would you recommend we move our wedding to an early time to avoid possible afternoon showers? or is it 50/50 chance weather it rains in the morning or afternoon/evening? (available times are 11, 2, and 4)

    Also, around what time does the sun set the beginning of September? That is the only reason we took the 4pm slot was to have sunset pictures.

    Any other wedding advice is greatly appreciated! Also, if it matters, it will just be my Fiance and I, and the parents. no wedding party/guest.

    Thank you!!

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    We were married in February 10am. We renewed our vows at 11 am in April. The sun sets around 6 in our experience and we had spectacular weather in the mornings. And believe me it's still hot in the morning! Its impossible to predict the weather in September but you can expect an afternoon showers most days. You could always get back in your wedding clothes and have the photographer take some sunset photos too. Congrats, it'll be great, best decisions we ever made!

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    Congratulations! The weather is always unpredictable. I would suggest you to book timings for 4 as it will give a special look to your wedding. Wedding pictures would look great with sunset.

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