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    For those that had live music at their wedding (steel drum band, pianist, guitarist) do any of these people sing or is it instrumental? We would like to have 3 or 4 songs performed and would really like suggestions on choosing the performer. Thanks in advance!

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    We didn't have a band or anything but in April at csa there was a saxophone player playing during the reception on the beach. I thought it was great, he was really good. If I were doing it over again and having guests, I might check into that or the mento band, steel drums. Good luck with your planning, it was the best day ever for us

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    Use Shyam Moses! He is a singer/guitarist who plays at CSA for the bonfires on Wednesday. We approached him to play at our wedding and he said he was available, but the cost to book him was around $300 and we just didnt have the extra money to spend. Look him up on Youtube, he sings beautiful covers of popular love songs with a Jamaican flare.

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    Thanks for the tip Cheeky, Shyam is very talented. I'm going to have to get to that bonfire.

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    I looked Shyam up on YouTube, and he is wonderful!! Thanks, Cheeky! I am hoping I can get him to sing at our wedding!

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