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    Default Nov. 30th wedding at Couples Negril

    Any advise? Suggestions? No reception just a ceremony on the beach for the 2 of us!

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    We did 9 years ago but at csa. You do get a little reception with cake and bubbly. It was really the best day ever. Congrats, you will have a blast!!

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    Also, get the dvd. It turned out awesome and we watch it from time to time. It was well worth the money imo. Good luck!

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    We are so excited!can't wait! Does anyone know if the live video feed can be recorded or if they give you a copy?

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    Hi i see u post a lot and were married around same time as i was at csa. We have lost marriage cert and u have to have the last name of the one who married u. I was wondering if i sen u a pic could u tell me if the same man married u and help me get his last name. I am trying to surprise my wife with new cert. thanks.

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    Harp, I'd call the couples wedding office at 1,800,couples and see if they might be able to help too.

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    the Mento Band played for us at ours on the beach. well worth the money

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