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    Default wedding attire for groom

    We are getting married in August at 3:00 at CTI. We are having difficulty trying to figure out what my fiancé should wear. Does anyone have suggestions on what their grooms are wearing?

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    We've done it twice at csa and for our renewal in 2014 he wore lightweight khakis and a Tommy Bahama shirt. It will be hot and humid so keep that in mind. Its somewhat cooler in the mornings with less chance of rain usually.
    I can't seem to post a picture here, if interested email me at

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    Also you can read about us in the Romance Officers Carrier's spotlight in January on this site. Pretty much anything goes. I've seen swimsuits, kilts, shorts suits, tuxedos. Wear what you want!

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    My husband wore linen slacks, nice sandals and a linen shirt from Tommy Bahama. So did my dad. I would say, if anything, Tommy Bahama is the optimal groom clothing in Jamaica!

    Keep in mind, IT'S REALLY HOT.

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    I love Bow and fitted suit, it makes a groom look more handsome. Three button jackets look great on taller men.

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    My H wore light chinos and a button down long sleeve shirt with a matching vest, and a tie that matched our flowers. He rolled up the sleeves and the pants for our 11am wedding.

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