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    Default Male Vow Renewal Attire

    My wife and I will be renewing our vows -15 years in January. Our besties will be joining us. We are AN folks and we're wondering about attire. Can the dudes wear Speedos and bow ties and the gals wear white bikinis?

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    Whatever turns your crank

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    It's your big day, so do whatever makes y'all happy! Congrats & have fun & enjoy it

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    I'm interested to hear if the OP, his wife, and their friends wore swimwear for the vow renewal. Jamaicans tend to be more conservative, and I think dressing in that manner might be considered to be insulting to the minister. I could be wrong, of course, so I'd like to hear what the couple decided to do.
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    I agree it is your special day so celebrate the way you want.Have fun!

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    We had not even thought of that! We were going to do an AN vow renewal next Sept. Just registered on here today and have not researched all the Message Boards for thoughts on the subject. I am sure a nude wedding or vow renewal has been done before at CSS SSB right?

    ~Bob and Joelie~

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    I would hate to be the minister for that nude wedding or vow renewal

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