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    Hi Francine Haven't seen you on the boards in a while. Cousin Lana and I were wondering if you are going back to Cn in Dec. We are arriving Dec.3rd. Lana's friend Barbara and Audrey(who you met last year after we left) is arriving on the 8th. Hope all is well. Lisa

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    Hi Lisa, How are you ? We're GOOD!! I still check the mb daily while eating lunch... Not going to CN this December, will miss you fun gals! Please say hi to Cousin Lana and Friends....
    Lisa, did we ever exchange email addresses or are you on fb?
    Please be sure to tell Cuz "No Cheating at Bingo" LOL !!! And have a Fantastic Wonderful Vacation!!! Have TOO Much Fun!!!
    Art xo Francine

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    Hey Francine Just back from a family reunion in Savannah. All is Good here too. We are going to miss you guys this year.Forget bingo,who will I dance on stage with? Will send your regards to all. We are already booked for next year.Dec.4th so hopefully we will see you guys then.
    Catch you on fb.

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    Our sixth trip to CN next week to celebrate our anniversary and it will be the first one without Art and Francine!!
    Hope to see you in December '11.


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