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    Default What is Margaritaville (Near CTI) like?

    Hey Everyone...

    My wife and I are going to CTI in the beginning of March and I was curious as to what Margaritaville is like. Is it like a dance club or just a crazy bar? Just curious. Also, how long does it take the shuttle to get there? Is there only shuttle service at night or can you go during the daytime too?

    Appreciate all your help!

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    Here's a link to their webpage.

    URL=""]Margaritaville Ocho Rios[/URL]
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    Its like a club, rap/hip hop music. Drink are about 9-12 dollars a piece, I think they raise the price on Tuesday, because its tourist night. All the resorts in Ocho Rios bring guests. The night we went a lot of the entertainment staff and some locals were dancing (we were watching) very provacative. Its quite entertaining to see them. They do not dance like that where I come from so it was a cultural experience. I think you are there for 1-2 hours. I wouldn't go again, but it wasn't awful. If you miss something, this could be the thing to miss. I would have rather gone horseback riding the next morning, rather than sleeping in with a headache! Shuttle ride is about 10 minutes.

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    Our honest opinion is save the time and your money and don't go. It has over priced drinks and they don't even play Buffet music. It has more of a restaurant atmosphere. The resort has the free shuttle only at night, but you can always get a taxi and go on your own.
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    It is located in downtown Ocho Rios, which is about a 10 minute-ish drive from the hotel. During the day the hotel offers shopping trips to different centers in Ocho Rios, one of which (I believe called Island Village) houses Margaritaville. It is similar to other ones I have visited (like Vegas). We didnt have any desire to go there at night, since I've heard it is expensive and why pay for food/drinks when its free at the hotel Also have heard some people discuss issues of safety there at night but not sure if those are accurate. They do offer shuttles there at night, but once your there you have to stay until the designated pick up time.

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    The night of the Beach Party (Monday) they do a shuttle and have Margaritaville night. We have not done this trip. We visited the OR location during the shopping trip and visited the airport location on our way home. If you go, be prepared to pay high prices for drinks. When we went during the shopping tour, we had very poor service, the beer was warm as was the Coke. We wanted something to eat and couldn't get anyone to take our order. So we paid over $10 for two drinks and tip and left. Lunch at the airport was close to $30 if not more for hamburgers.

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    Default See for yourself...

    My husband and I were there last month. After the Monday night beach party the entertainment staff took a bus load to Martigraville from 11pm to 1am. It is a restaurant with a dance floor that played rap/hip hop music. There were people there of all nationalities and ages from all the nearby resorts. On your way in you are given a tall plastic cup (holds about 2 drinks) to use if you purchase a drink. I had rum punch which was $8.95 the other option was $16.50…don’t remember what the drink was. The ride there was about 10 min. It wasn’t a waste of time to us but we wouldn’t have missed much if we didn’t go. We went on the shopping trip the Sat. before so we had a chance to visit Martigraville during the day. We knew what to expect, and have been to several clubs in our lives. We also enjoy rap/hip hop music so we went along. We had fun and 2 hours was perfect because I was ready to go by then.
    I say go on the shopping trip to Island Village if you really want to check it out, then you’ll know if you want to come back at night for the club.

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