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    Will I lose the $500 resort credit, if I add an additional day to my vacation in paradise??? I thought I read something about no changes or it is null/void? Can't wait for June to roll around, 2nd trip to CSA. Also, how is the clean up going after Nicole?

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    I believe if you just add a day to your current booking you will still get the resort credit. The only time you would lose the resort credit is if you change to another Couples resort or change your dates

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    Of course Couples has the right to enforce their policies strictly, but from a customer satisfaction standpoint, it doesn't make much sense that they would essentially penalize you for giving them more business.

    It seems to me that Couples, again of course having the right to enforce all policies strictly, will use a common sense approach. They are a service business and value you as a customer and want to accomodate you when possible. They're not the kind of place to nickle-and-dime you to death.

    With our approaching trip in November, I completely mixed up the dates between this trip and the trip we booked for next year when I bought our airline tickets. It was only a matter of a day's difference, but I was panicking and had gone over all the potential arguments and was prepared to beg, plead and/or cry. When I called the resort, I was barely finished with the initial explanation of the problem when the amazing person on the phone simply said: No problem, mon. We have changed the dates for you.

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