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    Default Here we go again

    In my heart I know that she will always be there. And while that is a very reassuring thought, I would much rather be there beside her. To look deep within her soul, where I am able to see and feel her long abiding love. She is every bit as beautiful as when first we met fifteen years ago. She had a number of different names over the years. And there have been the inevitable "face lifts" from time to time. Her most recent transformation to the 21st century is nothing short of gorgeous. This new look will carry her far in to the future. But no matter the name we call her, or how she may have looked when we were there, the love and warmth of this venerable keeper of the cove, has touched many a wide eye traveler.
    It is the same for first timers as it is for long time repeaters. Upon that first face to face, we soon succumb to her gentle breezes, clear blue skies and glow of the sun. The rhythms of the island soothe our weary bodies and help rejuvenate tired minds. This is what awaits each and every happy twosome that finds there way to the family of Couples.

    Four unique and totally different resorts. Each with its own ambiance, and specialties. Each will warm your heart, treat you with incredible kindness and perhaps for the first time in your life, you will know what it is to be pampered and cared for. And while there are many differences to each "sister", there is an underlying sameness that binds them to each other. Their name if Couples. The idea that was set forth had never been done before. "Treat them like family, not just a guest". And they do that very well.

    Our upcoming trip in 20 days, will be our 33 overall trips to Jamaica and our 30 return home to the original all inclusive resort we fell in love with in 1995. We call her Couples Tower Isle. An unbelievable, incredibly happy place. It's camp for grown-ups. All the fun things you did at camp when you were a kid, now take on a bit more sophisticated decor. But still as exuberant and more fun than ever.

    For starters, you'll always know who your "bunk mate" will be. That's a good thing. One year at camp, I got a kid who had a perpetual runny nose. And he made weird sounds too. Well that was long ago and I like today's sleeping arrangements much better.
    The food in the "mess hall" is way better than you remember. the "counselors" will make your stay the most memorable time of your life. They are there to assist you in any way possible and to make sure you are having a great time. They will provide peace of mind while you are there. You can pretty much do what you want to do, anytime. Well, there are a few things to sign up for like the Catamaran trip, shopping in town and of course, Dunn's river. But believe me, there isn't one iota of stress or frustration. None!!

    This trip will also usher me in to my next decade. I will be 70 on November 8. Even though we will still be here on that date, there will be little celebrating done. If someone feels they want to send me a nice card with a few bucks, that's fine. But most of the celebrations will take place from the 10-23. Be there.

    Each day that passes, I feel more and more of the "load" that each of us must bear, melting away in a stupendous Jamaican afternoon.

    I'm coming home my lovely mistress. I'm coming home. I eagerly await our reunion. To laugh again. Smile again. Touch again. Yes, I most eagerly await our reunion.


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    OMG!!!! that was the most beautiful thing I have every read and you truly captured how I feel about Couples but could never put it in words as you did.

    We will be returning for our 4th trip to Couple in 34 days and I can hardly wait.

    I with I could be there to help you celebrate your 70th Birthday but since I can't I will wish you a very Happy Birthday and you could not have picked a better place to celebrate it.

    Thanks again for your beautiful posting!!!!


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    Richie--Happy Birthday on the 8th and many more my friend!!

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    Hi Richie,

    As only you can describe her, CTI is indeed wonderful!!!
    Joe and I hope you have a wonderful time at CTI. We know you will! We celebrated 35 yrs. together at CSA in September and it was grand. Here's to you and Sylvia and congratulations on reaching that milestone of 70 yrs. young. We visited CTI in 2009 and it was absolutely beautiful, the food, service, people, island. Now we know why you love it so much. Cheers to you my friend!!

    Donna and Joe
    P.S. Will miss the New England/Jamaica Coupleholics party in 2010...we've lost our host...

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    Like :-)

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    I think that is the best description of Couples that I have seen yet,,,,Good job Richie..

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    Richie, you and Syl have a great trip. happy birthday !!!


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    Happy Birthday Richie. I had the pleasure of meeting you and your wife in 2005 when we made our first trip to CTI (then COR). In fact, I still have the magnet on my fridge that you made that year. Have a super time. We are going back to Couples, this time to Negril in 190 days...... Can't wait!.

    Cheryle & Barry

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    OMG, I just love when u sit down and write. U can play with words like no other. I can not wait to experience CTI in 09/2011 then I can truly appreciate your feelings for CTI. I wish u the Happiest Birthday that your heart and hands can hold.

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    Great to hear from you again, thought something happen.
    Irie Mon

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    Thank you Richie for your every eloquent words. You truly capture the heart, spirit and breath that is Couples.

    May you have a very happy birthday starting when you step off the shuttle on the 10th.


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    That was awesome....Perfect.. Have a great trip and a Happy Birthday.. I have 43 days left until I return home!!!

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    Have a great Birthday trip, I know you'll have a blast.

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    We went to CTI for our 21st anniversary last Dec. We were married there when it was COR. We had a great time. So glad we went because my dear sweet husband passed away this past March! Any one who is thinking about going, just do it!!! Kim Robinson

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