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    Default Tower Isle Jan Shout Out/Meet-Up 1/15-1/23

    Our last meet-up was at Couples Negril in 12/09. Swim Up bar was a blast! Many honey-mooners and a large group who were there for Opa and Oma's 50th anniversary. Some of us were ANers, some Pool Slugs and some Beach Bums. Somebody has the group photo. Just let me know the price for ALL the negatives!
    This time DH and numerous Easter Shore Virginia/Maryland friends are going to Tower Isle for the first time. Love to meet all of y'all! We live in Southern California (which is pretty hard to leave for a tropical vacation, even in January!)
    Let's agree on a time and a place to say howdy while you/we are at Tower Isle! Judy

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    Default We will be there - all 8 of us!


    My husband and I have been to Couples Negril and had a blast with new friends we made while we were there.

    This time we arrive at CTI January 15 and stay until January 22. We are so excited to be bringing 6 friends along with us.

    We are all meeting up tomorrow night at our house in "preparation" for the big trip.

    Watch for us, we will be there (not soon enough I must add)

    Homesick Lisa

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    Default Cti 1/16/11-1/23/11


    My husband and I will be at Tower Isle on January 16th for 7 nights, first time to Jamaica and Couples. We are renewing our vows on the 20th and we can hardly wait.

    We would love to meet some new friends and look forward to finding out a date/time to meet up.

    See you on the Island.


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    Hey JayJay ~ Great shout out. You might mosey on over to the meet-up thread and see who is hanging out there. There just might be a thread already started for your week.

    Have a blast!

    BTW ~ I was there 12/09 and was on the AN beach all week long!
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    Colorado Juli,
    I think you have the negatives from the pool bar meet-up in 09! When are you folks coming down again? jayjaysun

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    We just put the $$ down for the weekend of the 14th. New to Couples and can't wait.

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