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    Default sunset cat cruise at CN


    We are going back next month (one month today!!!) and are looking for some advice on the aftenoon /sunset cat cruise.

    My husband is not a strong swimmer and to add to this he has a sight condition that means he can't see at all well in twilight/ dark. We avoided the cruise last time because of these factors.

    For those of you who have done it, can you advise whether the jump in to the water (when you disembark) means that a non confident swimmer might not be happy with this, and what the visual is like when you get back.

    For a non confident swimmer who can't see. jumping in to the water as you can imagine is somewhat daunting!

    We would love to do the cruise but would like to get an idea whether this is really possible for hubby (who does not like to draw attention to himself) or not.

    Many thanks in anticipation!


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    Hi Julie,

    We stayed Nov last year and return 02 Nov (can't wait!). We did the cat a couple of times and we never came off with water any higher than our thighs and just after sunset with good twilight light. I don't know how variable this is but I do know that the crew were so friendly and helpful that I wouldn't hesitate.

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    The catamarran has life jackets on board and you don't have to jump overboard. YOu can walk down the laddar that you used to get onto the cat. Also, not everyone who goes on the cruise swims. The past two times that I have been, I didn't swim and not one cared. My husband never swims when we go on this excursion. When you return, it is not quite sunset and you return to the nice calm beach of CN where you can easily walk through the water from the cat to the beach of the resort. No worries!!! just go and enjoy the experience of being on the water.

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    You can stay on the boat the whole time. We went 2 years ago - hubby jumped off boat and swam to the caves I jsut stayed on the boat - no probs.
    The boat stops on the beach at CN and you wade out to it - the same coming back.
    I had no probs am I am only 5 feet 4 invhes tall.
    Go and enjoy.

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    This isn't something to worry about. You don't jump off the boat into the water. You climb down a stairway on the back of the boat (with the help of the staff) which goes down into the water and then step down onto the bottom of the bay. The water there is only about waist high and the ladder goes down to about a foot off the bottom. Sometimes it isn't even that deep:

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    There will be no problem for him. The cruise gets back while it's still light out. When you get on & off the boat you are only in waist deep water. The boat has a ladder that is usually about twice as high as a normal step so you do have to kinda jump off but again, it's only waist deep. You'll have a great time and you'll be glad you went.

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    Default sunset cat cruise at CN

    they will give you a life jacket to wear. You don't have to swim into the cave if you don't want to, it is kinda of dark in there. It's still pretty light when you get back to the resort( about 6:00). It's alot of fun. I think he would be ok

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    When we went on the cruise - my husband went swimming but I didn't. You don't have to get off the boat until you return to CN. It is a nice ride, beautiful water. When you get back to CN you don't jump off the boat, at least we didn't when we went, there are steps you must go down though. Have a wonderful trip

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    You walk to and from the Catamaran. You do not have to swim if you do not wish to. I am not a good swimmer but I have put on my life jacket and gone into the caves 4 years in a row! Enjoy.

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    Hi Julie
    My wife doesn't swim and she will put on a lifevest and go out into the water and float around, she feels very safe with the lifevest. Enjoy!!

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    When we did the cat cruise in Nov '07, it was light all the way to the cliffs and back. In fact, I think we were back before the actual sunset, so visibility is not a problem at all. On the swimming part, not everybody on the cruise usually gets into the water. As for the people that do, I think he can just climb down a ladder, if he's not cool with jumping in off the boat. Either way, you must do the cruise. It is really fun and it's free. No worries!

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    We did the catamaran cruise at CSA in September. I think CN uses the same boat. Take the cruise! It is so much fun. You don't have to jump into the water. There are steps right off the back of the boat so you can just climb down into the water. I didn't want to jump in either so I used the steps, as did a lot of other people.

    I don't know what time the cruise is in November, but in September we left around 4 and got back right at sunset. So it was day light when we were at the caves and still not dark when we got back to the resort.

    They had life jackets on the boat for people who weren't confident about swimming. They were not required.

    You don't even have to get in the water at all. It's a lovely way to see the Negril cliffs and lighthouse. On our cruise, many of the couples sat on the bow of the boat and just enjoyed the scenery and each other.

    Have a great time!

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    You don't have to jump in/swim if you don't want to. We always "just go along for the ride" and have a fantastic time
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    When you do return, it can be a little dark but it is not hard getting off the boat.There is a good walk way latter to the water. The water will cover your legs but that is about all. Go and enjoy. You'll be so glad you did!

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    We went with a non swimmer and they had no problems.You walk down the steps and into the water. I really would not call it a jump at all maybe a big hop. Went he gets to the bottom step and into the water he can take your hand and no one would realize anything. Just a couple holding hands as you leave the boat. A day or two before you can be there to watch the boat come in and he can see how dark it actually is and how the people get off the boat. Whatever you decide Enjoy!

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    The Cat cruise is a lot of fun. But leave the rings in the room safe or at home. On the cat cruise , you get a chance to jump overboard and slide off the boat like a bunch of kids wonderful fun. In one of our trips during the overboard excersion, the engagement and wedding band slipped off my wifes hand. We didnt notice it at the time, only when we got back and were getting off the boat that we noticed. Fortunately they were insured, but needlees to say it took the edge off the rest of the day, until I could call the agent and confirm it was covered.

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    Being in my 60's with some knee issues, I almost passed up the Cat cruise cuz I was afraid of getting on and off the boat. But no worries, all it took was a little 'boost' from my Hubby and a helpful hand from one of the crew on board and it was a piece of cake! The cat cruise is so much fun! (Also we both decided to stay on board and enjoyed watching others who chose to jump in and swim. On our cruise, only about 3/4 of the guests on board decided to go in the water, no big deal if you stay on board.)

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    Thank you all sooooo much, you have really put my mind at rest, I can't wait to give it a go now. We were led to believe it was more than a hop off the ladder back in to the water when you get back, but so many of you have said not to worry and Wiwistle your experience helps us no end.
    You are a great bunch - thanks again! xx

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