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    Default Roll Call for Feb. 19th thru 26th

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    From left to right Sharon & Mark, Tiffany & Jesse, and Star & Brian. We(Tiffany & Jesse) met Star & Brian 3 years ago at Tower Isle. 2 Years ago(Tiffany & Jesse) We got married at San Souci in March and there we met Sharon & Mark. Star & Brian stood up for us at the Wedding and Sharon and Mark witnessed it. Last year we all met at the newly renovated Tower Isle. This year we are headed to Swept Away!! We are all Fun, Loving, STRAIGHT, couples that became super good friends while at Couples. Now every year we are meeting for a week at a Couples resort to have a great time! We would love anyone that is going to be there the week we are to post a and tell us a little about yourselves, and how many times you been to Couples Resort. None of us have been to Swept Away so we are looking forward to it!

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    Default Pretend we're your grandparents!

    Hi Iowaguy! You 6 look like a great bunch of folks...and we look forward to meeting you in February. We'll be there for our 10th visit Feb. 20-27th. We're old enough to be your grandparents..but we'll challenge you on the tennis courts anytime, anyday! You'll love SweptAway...afterall, what's not to love about Paradise! See you there.

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    we'll be there!! lol
    can't wait
    Starr and Brian

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    We're going to be there 2/20-26/2011 for our honeymoon! It's our first trip to an all inclusive resort! Anything we should know??

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    biscuits, all you need to know is to ENJOY!

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    Iowaguy--Did we talk last year, on the message board. I was born in Mason City. My uncles are Tim & Tom Yezek.

    We will be at CSA 2/24 - 3/5

    We go to the Martini Bar every night for drinks. I think it opens at 6 pm. We usually are there by 6:30. It's above the Palms.

    We also travel with two other couples. So, look for 6 older people. We are all in our 50's. In fact one of our friends has his birthday at CSA every year--March 1st. This year he turns 50.

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    Hi All,
    My husband and I will be there the 19-26 to celebrate my 40th B-day on the 23rd. I am so excited I have already started packing.

    We are thinking about going to ys falls and pelican bar...anyone interested in going?

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    We will be there the 15-23.

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    Hey Everyone! Glad to see some more couples showing up on the dates we are going to be there! This is awesome! Brittney and Aaron is this your first time? Kim & Ben we will diffenetly go with you to ys falls and the pelican bar. And sounds like we will have to get together on your Birthday for sure!! AND YES YAZMON WE DID TALK LAST YEAR, AWESOME THAT YOU GUYS ARE GONNA BE THERE AT THE SAME TIME!! Tiffany and I are taking the 7am delta flight out of MPLS on the 19th, arriving at Montego Bay at 12:51pm(lunch time) So if anyone else is showing up at that time let us know! We are very excited this year to go to CSA for the first time!

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    Jesse--Look for us at the Martini Bar the night of the 24th & 25th, the only nights that we overlap. On the beach we are usually in the middle, more towards the swim up bar. Look for the six chairs out by the water.

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    IOWAGUY - Happy to hear you would like to go with!

    I emailed "Rocky" about transportation and he said Tue the 22 would be a good day...How is that day for you guys?

    Other details: It will cost $70usd for each person minimum of four, this price includes transportation and entrance fee to the water fall, if you do the zip line you will pay for that separately at the falls.

    I got the recommendation for Rocky's Tours from the Message Board but I don't care who we use. Let me know if you want to use someone else.

    Anyone else interested in going? The more the merry!

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    Iowaguy--look for us and say hi!! I'm the one on the left.
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    Karl and Laurie from Frederick, Md. (originally Iowa and Arkansas) will be there 2/28-3/4!
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