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    Default Just returned home from CSA on 10/22!!!

    I don't know where to begin. This place is amazing. The staff is what makes this place so unbelievable. They bend over backwards to make you as comfortable as possible. The grounds are beautiful. The food is wonderful.

    Thank you, CSA, for making our 20th anniversary a real dream come true. We are members now, so we will be back for a yearly visit.

    Love, Doug and Rena

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    Default We got hooked on our 20th Anniversary, too!

    Hubby surprised me with a trip to CSA for our 20th. WOW! I never knew such a wonderful place existed! The people, the natural beauty of the foliage and the beach, the food, the drinks...

    We have never gone anywhere else. And we've been back 3 times in 4 years (4th trip coming up next August--for our 25th anniversary).

    It's so true---once you go, you know.

    Can't wait to go HOME again!

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    Default Little nervous

    Thank you for your comments. I am now a little nervous as we have requested a first floor beach front vern beach front room on the 1st floor should I have asked for a 2nd or 3rd?
    Congratulations on your 20 years..

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    The first four trips we were in a 3rd floor Beachfront Verandah and the a 2nd floor Beachfront suite. The view is excellent. I love being right on the beach.

    We then went on a low budget trip right before Christmas. We stayed in an Atrium room, first floor. We loved it. You can walk right out your verandah out to the beach. Now, whenever we can, we get a 1st floor room. Privacy and security are not an issue.

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    Our first time was last year and we had a first floor corner room - LOVED IT!!! In the mornings they brought me my coffee and danishes right there on the porch! The ONLY thing this is something to think about is that people can see in the room at night if you don't have the shades closed. Other than that, running right off the beach straight on to the porch is awesome!

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