View Poll Results: Should we designate Couples Sans Souci as a Non-Smoking Resort?

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  • Yes. This would be fantastic and "seal the deal" for us to stay at CSS

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  • No. It would be a deterrent to us staying at CSS

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    Kathymom, which resort is doing this? S? Is it restaurants only or total resort? I looked for info and couldn't find it, it would be interesting the impact this would have on Couples. If non-smokers migrate to that resort will the percentage of smokers at Couples increase because they "can't" go to the other resort and then make Couples less appealing to non-smokers because of the increased number of smokers? If it's not a big competitor with Couples then perhaps it's not an issue.

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    Smoking at the Couples Resorts has never been an issue with us and either way wouldn't affect us. However, being a reformed smoker myself I would hate to see it changed to non smoking.

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    So, is the aim to totally ban smoking from the resort property? I am a smoker. I would still go to any resort that had limited smoking. Over the last ten years I have learned to deal with the persecution of smoking bans. No smoking in restaurants, rooms, and other closed areas is fine with me. As a matter of fact, I would support it. The biggest problem I have is when there no non-smokers around, in the open air, and still there is no smoking. I know we are talking about Jamaica and not the USA. But, I think this is a way of attacking your rights. Then there is the statement that it is bad for you, and were just trying to help improve the quality and longevity of your life. I appreciate the concern and information on the subject, but I am a big boy and I think I can make that decision for myself. Once you take away that decision, you are controlling ad manipulating people. Does anyone on this MB honestly believe that is right? If CSS is still smoker friendly in Oct., I know I will be courteous, polite, and not offend any non-smokers. Just as I would expect any of them not to offend me. This is what makes Couples great, it seems like public opinion does matter. Thank You! Jonathan&Nikki (Martinsburg,WV)

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    CSS is where we are planning to spend our 20th anniversary because it's the first Couples resort we fell in love with. If it goes smoke free, I'm afraid we will have to change our plans. We don't smoke in our room or in public places unless their are others smoking.

    This would be a big deterrent for us.
    Glenna Hailey
    Jerry Hailey
    Couples Certified and Preferred agency!
    Life's to short to spend it on the couch, find a beach and watch the sunset.

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    So stop smoking eh? Pity this wasn't suggested before we rebooked, shame on you. Indoors as a smioker I agree however outside whats the issue?

    Does anyone complain about avaiation funes at Mobay - no or teh traffiec on Ochie - no, the smoke from the Friday nights barbeques?

    Yunnow, there are too many people ready to jump on bandwagon these days, oh and I agree, there are too many ....heads who drinkn too much late into teh night but do I complain, its just part of life - get real

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    No !!!!

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    I think that may not be the best idea and here are my reasons:

    1. What about people who participate in Secret Rendevous? Then a smoker might end up at a non-smoking resort.

    2. Many people come to Jamaica in hopes of smoking Cuban cigars that aren't available in the US...and that would no longer be able to happen.

    3. I too have noticed that most people are very courteous when smoking around others. Usually there are places you can move to if you want to be out of the way of direct smoke.

    The one thing that I think would be nice is no smoking in the restaurants. I have no problem with smokers, but I did have a problem during our last stay at CTI. We were enjoying a beautiful gourmet meal at Eight Rivers, and right in the middle of it the party of six at the table next to us all lit up cigarrettes at the end of their meal. There was no where we could go, and it really ruined the taste of our food. I thought it ironic that they waited until the end of their meal but subjected us to it in the middle of ours...

    Just my thoughts...

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    Out in the open, smoking doesnt bother me, or my husband. We can always move it gets to be too much. Hubby enjoys an occassional cigar, which doesnt bother me.

    At the dressier restaurants though (or any enclosed restaurant), I would prefer to be seated away from smokers. It doesnt mix well with my food.

    Just my opinion.

    Becky & Wayne
    CTI in April 2010

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    First, disclosure -

    Both of my wife's parents died of lung cancer;
    My Dad's a 20+ year bypass survivor, Mom's an emphasema patient, neither of them has smoked since Dad's bypass.

    Neither my wife nor I smoke.

    Ok, with that out of the way, I say kudos for even raising the question... very courageous.

    Given our druthers we'd legislate the crap out of existance... but as a pragmatist, I'll admit that the exhaust from others habit does not bother us on the beach or in the al-fresco restaurants at SweptAway... Feathers and the Aura, being enclosed facilities, don't allow smoking. However, the proliferation of litter associated with smoking is a darned shame.

    As long as Couples continues to do a sterling job of cleaning up after smokers, we will continue to return as often as we can, regardless of which resort(s) may, or may not, become smoke-free.

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    No, No, No

    Not a good idea---if you want to do something health conscious then don't permit smoking in the restaurants---otherwise, light up if you like. And I'm an Ex-smoker.

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    Default may be too harsh a change

    You won't find anyone that dislikes being around smoke more than me, it makes my eyes water and makes me gag and feel sick. Having said that, as much as I hate to admit it on our 3 trips between CSS and CN smoke really hasn't been too much of an issue for us. Occasionally it has been a nuisance, but for the most part it doesn't linger for too long luckily. Once or twice we moved our spots on the beach to get away from it. Do I feel that us non-smokers should be the ones to have to move because of someone else's habit disturbing us? No. Do I wish it would be banned or somehow limited to certain areas far away from me that I'm never bothered by it? (everywhere, not just at Couples) Absolutely. Do I believe that's going to happen anytime soon? No way.

    I think a better route to take with this would be to have non-smoking room blocks and just ban smoking from any of the restaurant areas- both indoor and outdoor restaurants. It would have to be room blocks and not just individual rooms as smoke does leak into other rooms, it did happen to us at CSS for a day or two during our stay there. I think that would be a fair compromise that could somewhat please everyone. This is how a lot of hotels in the US are already... non smoking rooms/floors and no smoking in restaurants. It would be nice to have sections on the beach also because I know that's where we get bothered by smoke blowing around most often, but I don't know how that will practically be possible to enforce.

    From the business side, of course anytime new rules like this are put into place no matter what they are or how fair you think the rules are people are still going to complain. Especially us Americans who love the chance to complain that they are discriminated against or feel that something is unfair even if it doesn't effect them. Smokers will complain because they have the feeling of entitlement that they should be able to smoke wherever they want to and it doesn't matter who they disturb because it's their right to smoke. Then you'll have a handful of non-smoking guests with the extreme thinking of "I don't want to go somewhere that discriminates against any particular group of people." Then you will have the whole ordeal of what do to with the people that get off the shuttle at the resort and didn't know or pretend they didn't know that it was a non-smoking resort. I've heard stories about how sometimes families with little kids show up at Couples resort and claim they didn't realize it was Couples only. This would definitely happen if an entire resort was smoke free even if you changed the name of the place to "Couples Smokefree-Souci". They will still smoke in their room and on their balcony even though they know they're not supposed to because it's not like they're going to be kicked off the property if they're caught, and they know that.

    Having the non-smoking room blocks and smoke free dining like I mentioned above I think would be a great first step. This is no different than how probably 90% of the US is already set up.

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    I was shocked by the number of people smoking when we went to COR in 2005. Being from the west coast, as particularly Washington State, we don't see many smokers these days. Having attended a wedding near DC before going to COR, we realized there seem to be many more smokers on the east coast.
    Sometimes the smoke did bother us, only in outdoor areas, of course. It seems that much business would be lost.
    How about making designated smoking areas instead?
    Didn't notice as many smokers at CN and CSA in 2007.
    We just went on a cruise with our children for spring break and it seemed awful that all bars and lounges were so smoky. Really turned me off to the cruise ships.

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    Just thought I'd add this comment as I live in a town that has a smoking ban...

    In November 2006, a smoking ban was passed in Cincinnati. There was concern that it would effect bars, restaurants, etc. and many smokers stated to the press that they would go to Northern Kentucky for an evening out rather than give up smoking inside of a building.

    Almost 3 years later, and according to the owners of the bars and restaurants, there was no change in their business due to the ban. People who wouldn't visit previously (because of the smoke), became patrons. The individuals who smoked did not boycott Cincinnati - at least for long. People simply adapted to the law and made their choices accordingly.

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    We are both non-smokers....with that being said, as long as no one is blowing smoke in our faces (doesn't happen at Couples)we think it would be silly for couples to make this move. IMAO it makes sense for the rooms, and restaurants to be smoke free, but not the entire resort. I don't have a problem with people smoking outside.

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    I am similar to Sportygal. I simple can not abide smoke since I quit smoking 4 packs a day (23 years ago). However, the ONLY time I was uncomfortable with smoke at Couples was at COR, where a fellow was smoking a huge, foul smelling cigar. Know what we did? We moved to another spot, which proved to be our favorite spot at the old COR.

    If it is not indoors, it is easy to move away from smoke. Allow the smokers to have THEIR vacations, too.

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    The poll I just answered doesn't give me the option that really reflects my opinion. I don't think all of CSS needs to be smok-free. Just designated areas like the restaurants, pool areas and some rooms.
    It would be nice but wouldn't seal the deal for me.

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    I think having non-smoking rooms and making smoking indoors or at any of the eating areas prohibited is a good idea. However when I go to any of the Couples resorts I like to enjoy a fine cuban cigar. I do this usually on the beach and would ask others first if they minded and try to stay down wind of others. I would not go to CSS or any couples resorts if they were to go non-smoking completely

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    I hate cigarette smoke. I do whatever I can to avoid it. That being said, I do not think the whole resort should be smoke free. The restaurants should be smoke free and at least a good number of the rooms should be smoke free.

    There is no answer to this that will please everyone. Best of luck with the decision.

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    No smoking in Jamaica?
    Hmmm...could change things.......

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    I flat out wouldn't go. I smoke and my husband smokes. We are what I call very conscience smokers. We never smoke where we aren't supposed to, we move if we think we are bothering someone. We don't smoke in the rooms, we don't litter the beach or grounds, but we DO smoke. We just came back from Indianapolis where we had booked a "smoking" room, only to find out the the hotel had went non-smoking, so we didn't stay there. We went to the hotel right next door, gave them our business and our money.



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    Well, I cannot say I am surprised by your responses to this hypothetical question. Totally anticipated that our loyal guests would shout their opinions.

    To answer some, with only 150 rooms and daily arrivals and departures it would be impossible for us to set aside non-smoking rooms.

    I am simply trying to ascertain whether or not this would work at CSS. So far the results indicate not. Further, it would be a very significant change and we would not take such a decision lightly.

    Everyone - take a deep breath...

    Couples Resorts

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