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    Default Credit vs. Debit Cards

    I understand that credit cards are always it the same with debit cards?

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    Which credit cards are accepted? We have discover card.

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    You can use Discover.
    TG hubby had his backup Discover this past Aug when we were at CSS.
    Apparently our MC was compromised while we were in Jamaica mon & had to use a backup card...Couples was wonderful! Everything went very smoothly!
    I would not use a debit card.

    CSA 2009, 2014 [20th anniversary]
    CSS 2010
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    Yes, Discover is accepted. I used it one year. However, be aware that they may charge a fee for a foreign transaction. Double check your cards to find out how much. Most of the cards do charge the foreign transaction fee, but the amount varies. I actually have a visa through AARP that does not charge the fee. Others have said that their Capital One does not charge the fee.

    Just thought you should be aware of this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sueb View Post
    Which credit cards are accepted? We have discover card.
    You need something other than discover when traveling out of the US. It is not accepted anywhere but inside the states.

    Also, I would never use a debit card overseas, you have no recourse if it is used without your permission. Get an Amex for travel.

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    They accept credit and debit cards.

    They accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.

    As for the debit card, it is not safe to use them off the resort, the rules the banks have do not protect you like credit cards.

    We only use cash off the resort.
    Irie Mon

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    We used our debit card for the whole trip. Just let your bank know where and when your going. dont forget some cash ( small bills) for beach vendors.

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    Thanks for the info,not going untill april so might have to think about getting a different card for the trip.

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    Discover card is fine in Jamaica and we have had no problems with using it since 2005 when we started going to Couples. I do always call Discover a couple weeks before we go and let them know our dates when we will be out of the country so they know it's okay to get charges from there during that time. If you have a Discover card, that will be fine, no need to get another card. Agree with the previous posters, I would not recommend using your debit card.

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    Take it from me, do not use your debit card. I learned the hard way, someone stole the number and had emptied my bank account before I arrived back home. My bank did refund all the charges that were made but I will NEVER use my debit card again.

    I have learned a VISA is the way to go when traveling...EVERYONE accepts VISA. Not everyone accept Discover or American Express.

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