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    Default travel docs.

    Make sure that all docs. have your full name that is listed on passport. I asked the agent months ago and she reassured me that it was bought before the rule came in affect. Now we are leaving in 11 days and she found out anyone after Nov. 1 st has to be worded exactly as the passport is done. I hope we can do it in time. anyone have this problem?

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    This only applies to the new TSA requirments for airlines. You just need to be sure that you have the correct spelling, DOB and names for everyone traveling with your airline. Give your agent the information and she can call it in without a problem. Have fun!

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    I hope that no one takes offense to this, but Cosmet, in the future I would use a different travel agent. Although it can be fixed with out a problem, the airlines have been requiring this information for the last 7 months or so knowing that this requirement was coming.

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    Yep, make sure everything is consistent.
    Had this prob w/ my One Pass name being inconsistent....what a fargin headache! Thankfully for our next trip, it will be smooth sailing!

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    Perhaps I am confused but we've been traveling to Jamaica since 1995 and for a number of years it seems we've had to have our travel documents state our names exactly as they appear on our passports. I know for sure last November it was this way. I'd say your travel agent made a big oops and needs to make sure she gets it fixed.

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    From the Transportation Security Administration's web site:

    How will Secure Flight affect passengers?
    Under the Secure Flight program, passengers are required to provide:
    • Full name (as it appears on passenger’s government-issued identification document)
    • Date of birth
    • Gender
    • Redress Number (if available)

    [Insert name of airline] will send the information you provide to TSA, who will match it against the consolidated government watch lists. Please note that boarding passes may not always display the exact information you provided when booking your travel. This will not affect you when traveling. The name you provide when booking your travel is used to perform watch list matching before a boarding pass is ever issued.
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    I have always used just a middle initial on my plane ticket even though my passport has my middle name. I called the airline (Jet Blue) about a month ago and they said they couldn't change the ticket but would put a note in the computer and it wouldn't be a problem. We leave in 3 wks so we will see what happens.

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    mobob My full middle name is on my passport also. When looking at the e-tickets they only have my first name and last name. I contacted my travel agent asap (after reading these posts)and he told me that the airlines have the correct information on file. He was very put off that I even questioned it. I am going to call the airlines and just make sure everything is up to speed. Needless to say I won't be using him as my agent any longer. A little under 3 weeks before we leave also. Safe travels.

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    she reasurrd me that our name is on the doc. for the airlines and it is all good. does anyone have the full middle name on their tickets docs?

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    I purchase my tics online and put in my full name where prompted to do so; however, my e-tickets only displayed my first & last name. After reading this thread I called Delta for further info and was assured that it wouldn’t be a problem because they showed my middle name in their system. Because December will be me & my husband’s first time to Couples and Jamaica, I didn’t want any unnecessary mishaps so I was adamant about correcting our tics. After speaking to several reps it was finally changed.
    But...after reading Pamela's post I guess they (three reps) knew what they were talking about.

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    No, no full middle name, just initial.

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    Jet Blue added our middle names to a list. She told me it would most likely not change on my ticket but the change had been made on the list and I would be fine. I am assuming they check the list to my passport when I check in.

    If anyone has any issues I hop they post it!

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