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    Default dive boat at couples negril

    Does anyone know if the dive boat docks or if you have to wade out to get on the boat?

    Any input on the dive ops would be helpful.
    Thank you

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    Hi, I heard from one of the dive team this week who tells me the dive boat is out in dry dock for repairs but should be up and running soon (Jamaican time?). At CN you wade into the ocean to get on board. They lower the ladder so even uncoordinated people like myself can easily get on. You'll love it!

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    Default Dive Boat???

    Kinda worried about this (Jamaica time)on the dive boat.
    Will be there in a week and a half.

    Does any body know about the CN dive boat?
    Does no dive boat mean no diving?

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    Contact the dive shop directly. I sent them an e-mail after the hurricane hit and Carolyn said yes the CN dive boat was damaged but they were sharing the CSA boat so only one dive per day instead of the regular two.

    Carolyn Hewitt
    Watersports secretary.
    Couples Negril
    Ph. # 1-876-957-5960 ext.4080 or 4090
    Fax. # 1-876-957-5858
    Cell # 1-876-577-8592


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    Dive boat was up end of last week.

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    Default Dive Boat

    Don't worry mon! We were at CSA last winter and there dive boat was out of commission. They would send the CN boat over to pick us up for our dives.I'm sure they will do the same for you. Everything was taken care of. Have a great trip !!!!

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    No worries...we were at CN in Sept. The part that raises and lowers the motors broke on the dive boat. They rented another boat the same day so that the diving and snorkeling could continue. The guys at the Dive Shop are professionals. They love being on/in the ocean as much as we do. Just remember "No Worries". You will not miss any scheduled dives...maybe slightly delayed, but no "miss". Enjoy, relax and have fun.

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    Wanted to put this back up higher. Any recent word? We hope to be diving Dec 5 to Dec 12th

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    (Hi Kaityogill, I sent you an email from my yahoo mail -- but in case you didn't get it)...

    Brian says that our beloved Bubbles should be up in no time.

    Is it dive:30?

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    I emailed Carolyn today and she said the dive boat will be good to go for our trip, Nov 20-27. She said we may have to share with CSA, b/c their boat is under reapir too, but that it wouldn't be for the whole trip, if at all.

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    Thanks for the update! When you are there PLEASE tell them Kait and Glenn are on their way! Will you give us an update on the boat status while you are there! Have fun and stir up some dolphins for us!

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    We are getting ready to do our 8th dive in 4 days and the boat is magnificent! We have only dove off much smaller boats in the past, so Bubbles is a real treat for us.

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