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    Default Scuba Dive at CSA

    We are hoping to go to CSA in March and have a few questions about the scuba diving.I have heard you have to swim 8 lenghts of the pool to qualify, does it have to be freestyle or would breat stroke be allowed? Are you allowed to stop inbetween the lenghts? What length is the pool? We went to CTI before and did not need to do this test, I consider myself a good swimmer but freestyle is not my best stroke.

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    We only had to swim 6 lengths (they called it 6 laps but to them a lap was a length so it was only 3 laps) and we could use about any stroke as long as you weren't on your back. PADI requires you to swim a certain distance which is why they make you do it. If you are already certified you do not have to do the swim test again.

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