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    Default Time between flights at Miami Airport?

    I was looking at booking flights via American Airlines, from Pittsburgh to Miami to Montego Bay, and the connection time at Miami airport going to Montego Bay is 50 minutes. Is this enough time? The connection time on the way back is 4 hours. I am sure that's enough time.

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    It's enough time but don't hang about. It's a fair walk from where you get off to your new boarding gate if it's anything like our route from MA.

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    It is cutting it close. You might go ahead and book it, but do research and find out when the next plane out of Miami will be in case you miss your flight.
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    Can you check to see if the flights are arriving and departing at nearby gates? American should be able to tell you that. You won't have to clear customs or anything on the way there, so you shouldn't need more time than a domestic connection. However, if you are in different terminals, the Miami airport is big and tricky and I don't think that's enough time.

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