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    Default AN First timer - should I go AN at CTI or CN?

    We have been to CN but didn't try the AN. In December we are headed to CTI then CN.
    We are late 40s - I will be 50 during our trip and we haven't doen the AN thing in public before.
    I would like to try it but hubby is wary for the obvious reason.
    Would it be best to do it at CTI or CN ?
    Thinking perhaps CN as we can leave anytime we like whereas CTI we would have to wait for the boat to pick us up. How often is the boat? At CN can you go into the sea naked too or just by the AN pool?
    Also we are British and quite reserved so if we did the AN we would like to keep ourselves to ourselves. The thought of socialising with people whilst naked does not appeal to us.
    Would we be considered odd for not joining in or it acceptable to keep out of the way of others? We don't want to offend people.
    As you can see I am anxious about it but at the same time would like to give it a go.

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    Our first exerience was at CTI (COR back then). It was a perfect place to start. We were reserved also. We started out on the side away from the pool and didn't socialize much the whole week we were there. No one cared if we did or didn't, it is up to you. We did talk with some folks at times and even spent a little time in the pool talking to the bar tender. You will be amazed at how comfortable you get being naked around other naked people. Read through this section of the message board, especially the one about "feed back after your trip". We now will hardly go on a vacation that doesn't offer AN. We go to Florida about once a year and will only go to an AN beach.

    We are both 50 years old and not in the best of shape, but as you will learn age and shape don't matter to 99.9% of the folks.

    The boat comes quickly once you go to the dock. It is not on a schedule and runs as needed. You probably wouldn't have to wait more than a couple of minutes.

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    Honestly having been to both I would seriously consider CSS. It will offer the room to be by yourselves and much better facilities than CN


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    no one cares if you take the boat to TI and leave right away.
    but CN is gorgeous and wonderful. we are there 12/3-10. all day every day on nude beach. see you there? (50+)
    lh & kh

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    Have you considerd Couples San Souci's Sunset Beach? Since you want to be secluded, the beach is much larger than CN AN or CTI. Having done all three, I would suggest SSB, but that's only my view, there are lot's of excellent points to consider on this board. You may also be surprised at how easy it actually is to talk to others while AN.

    Best wishes on which ever way you decide.

    Take care.

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    We have been to Jamaica 16 times / 14 at Couples. I strongly recommend CTI. We have not stayed at CN, but have stayed in another resort on the beach at Negril. Seven mile beach is spectacular, but not the best for AN. This due to it being a public beach. So many that we have met on the island tell us about anyone being able to walk by at CN. We do not care, but if you are new and still do, CTI for sure!
    The boat goes back and forth to the island as often as you want. You just stand at the dock on the pier or at the island and it will come.
    You will feel very comfortable on the island, we have met lifelong friends. As a newbie, you can first go the right when you get off the boat, which is more private. If you want to stay on that side you can. But in short time you will be in the pool having a blast. I bet money on it.
    Please let us know if we can help further?
    PS, we have met British couples on the island on every stay.

    One Love

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    Consider CTI. The AU island has plenty places to hide if you want the privacy, many do. But make sure you go early to get a good seat. By lunch it can be quite full.
    We never waited more than a few minutes for the boat to come and get us. I thought that was going to be a hassle too, but in reality, as soon as you step on the islands dock the boat immediately leaves the mainland for you.
    We are planning a second trip to CTI and since we had such a great experience we did not even consider looking anywhere else!

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    Quote Originally Posted by allanah View Post
    At CN can you go into the sea naked too or just by the AN pool?
    There is no pool on the AN beach at CN, only the hot tub.
    Jeff (Mandynjeff)

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    Default Go for it!

    We stayed at CN in the past and the all nude beach is secluded, but there is still the chance for a person walking down the beach to look up at the bare butts! The way the beach is sloped, it is not very easy to see much from the water's edge, and for the most part, peole are very cool about it. Only once did I see a small group of people act like it was their first time seeing a naked person. 99% of the time we just hung out, drank, sunned and swam. We are not super adventurous, but after a while we were just laughing and talking with all the rest. In fact, we noted there were more conversations going in between "strangers" on the nude beach, than on the topless or clothed patrs!

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    We have been to CSS, CTI & CN. As far as first time A/N choices I would pick in the following order:
    1. CSS: private beach, lots of space (to be alone), pool, hot tub, swim-up bar, they bring excellent food (and they have a grill as well!) to the beach (you never have to leave if you don't want to!)
    2. CTI: private area (its an island!), pool with swim up bar, not that big (compared to CSS), but still private. It takes time to get there and back by boat. Closes down if water is too rough. Its still cool to be on the island!
    3. CN: not that big, bar, hot tub (big). The beach is an open beach, not a private beach. People (mostly other tourists from other resorts) will be walking by along the water and they will look over at you. I think it is the hardest for 1st timers. But they have the best beach going! I love them all!
    First time - do CSS hands down, and then experience the rest later.

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    I could not agree more with the summary set out by "ddc". Although I have not stayed at CN I know it well from the beach side and would agree for a first time experience at AN sunbathing it is very public.
    When we stayed at CTI we thought it OK, but the pool is very small and to gently introduce yourselves to an AN environment is not as easy as it is at CSS.
    My wife and I have stayed at CSS 4 times in the past 3 years - early September this year was our latest visit with a very short stay at Breezes Rio Buerno prior to moving up the road to CSS.
    We are also from UK, quite reserved and in our early 70's but spend every possible minute of our holiday on SS beach, around the pool and in the pool bar.
    I will be very surprised if after spending only one day in the company of like-minded AN sun worshipers you will not wonder what you had to worry about. Sadly we had to wait until our late 60's to expereince this fantastic experience.
    Don't forget SS beach at Couples Sans Souci is only one aspect of a memorable resort.
    I look forward towards the end of December to hear just how you enjoyed your Couples experience. - Go for it, whichever resort you choose.

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    Wife's preference:CTI
    My preference: CTI or CSS
    CN is not as private, does not have a pool and shares beach area with other people from other resorts walking by.

    CSS is nice for a first timer since it is very spacious but still has nice pool area for gathering. Another plus is weather doesn't hinder the ability to get the the AN as it does with the boat ride to the AN at CTI.

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    I just feel that at CN you are not on a secluded island, you can get up walk to the beach, trow on some type of cover up and take a nice stroll down the beach aways, or hit the pool or restaurants very quickly with small cover up on for your short walk.

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    I agree with ddc's post. For AN we would rate them the same 1. CSS (especially for first timers, after 5pm though - folks come over from the textile side to take the amazing sunset pictures from this side of the resort) 2. CTI (you can't beat the engaging atmosphere and the sound of the waves crashing on the coral - priceless, but - if the weather is poor, the boat will not take you over) 3. CN (ocean swimming AN is awesome, it's open 24/7, hot tub can be used all day and night - great at night for star gazing)
    But for overall experience, we pick CN as our no. 1 all around happy place. We love the food here best, the layout of the resort, easy access to everything. The diving here is always good, the water always calm.
    If we had to pick one resort based on staff alone, it would be impossible - we love them all!

    We did SR twice and ended up at COR (now CTI) in 2004, and CSS in 2009. We got bumped from CTI in 2008 and ended up at CN (don't know if we'd have tried it otherwise).

    You cannot make a wrong decision. You will fall in love with whichever one you choose. And you can always try another one next time.

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    As for the boat, don't worry about having to "wait". When you step on the dock they are on the way to bring you back to the mainland.

    We have been to CTI and CSS and prefer CTI for AN. I didn't like that when I went into the ocean at CSS, that right across the way was a public beach with children. The White River (?) empties right the beach and the fisherman were in and out also. This didn't bother me, but the public beach did.

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    We really enjoyed our first AN experience at CTI. It's funny, my fiance had been there once before we were together and they called it the "nudie" boat... and never even contemplating going out there... After booking our trip, I read all about the AN options and was very interested in trying it... I am borderline nudist at heart, if she'd let me, I'd be naked at home all the time, but she requires some form of clothing on her furniture ... anyways, the boat is not the boat of shame! It's the fun people boat!

    As other said, nobody will care if you go over to the island and decide not to stay. You are fully clothed until you get to where you're going to setup shop, poolside, loungers, hammock, etc. In fact, nobody will even notice!

    The first time we went, I actually was a little intimidated by a body builder type that was hanging out near the pool/bar... but we had planned to make a b-line to the right side of the island anyways, so thats what we did and we setup camp and stripped down. Then I got drinks from the bar and we sat there and enjoyed the Jamaican atmosphere in the most comfortable way possible, with your loved one by your side and the sun warming your entire body, waves crashing on the rocks in front of you and a good book.

    We went back every afternoon, even tried the pool one day.. that was a bit much for my fiance... but I'd recommend just going for it, you will most likely have a good time.

    The people on the island don't care what you look like...

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    CTI, it is the most private.
    Irie Mon

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