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    We will be at CN during the week of Nov 20 to the 27. We are splitting our time between CN and CSS. It would be nice to meet some new people. We are from SC.

    We have been counting the days and we are so excited as this is our first time to CN and CSS!!

    I am wondering about the weather and praying it wont be raining the whole time.

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    We are from Upstate SC and will be there the week before, 13th-20th. I promise we will leave some fun for you. Maybe we will bump into ya the day we leave somewhere??? We leave MBJ on the 1:40 flight. My hubby will have on his Carolina Gamecock hat I am sure so that will def stand out in the crowd in Jamaica! Have a great trip! This is our 4th tp CN and hope there is more to come!
    Glenda & Mickey

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    We will be there Nov 6 through the 13th! First time to Jamaica!

    Ray and Kathy

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    We are returning for our second visit on November 10th through to the 20th. Travelling from Alberta on a red-eye flight....can't wait to be back in paradise.

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    We are from Western North Carolina and leave early on the 13th and will be there through the 19th. SOON COME.

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    Quote Originally Posted by raynkathy View Post
    We will be there Nov 6 through the 13th! First time to Jamaica!
    We'll be there during that time, too! (Unless this horrible weather keeps us away...) We arrive on the 4th and leave on the 15th. Wedding on the 6th.

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    We will be just arriving at the Airport on November 20th. We come in around 1pm, I think. We are from Florence and leaving from Charlotte. I did not really think about leaving from Myrtle Beach. We might do that next time. We are so excited and counting down the days. We are alittle concerned about the weather. We dont want it to me raining the whole time.

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    Wow so many arriving soon, will I see any of you at the AN beach?? I will be there on Tuesday 9th

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    We are coming Nov 24th to Dec 1st..anyone else in their 20's or 30's coming that week? This is out first time to a couples resort..

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