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    Default Tips at airport etc

    Can I just check with you guys if these are the correct amounts for tipping.

    Luggage Handler $2 per bag

    Couples Driver $10 each way

    Water Sports Guys $ ?

    Beauty Therapists $ ?

    Dunns River Guide $ ?

    Please fill in the blanks and anyone else you think we should tip.


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    Customary (although do what you feel) ~

    Baggage Handlers - $1/bag

    Bus Driver - $10 - $20/couple

    Dive Team - Nothing ~ they are Couples employees. (Don't ever tip a Couples Employee as they can loose their job.)

    Spa personnel ~ What you would normally tip at home 10% - 20% of total bill

    Dunn's River Guide ~ $3-$5 per person.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    Are you doing any other off resort activities. Driver to dunns river, not as much as the driver from the airport, much shorter drive

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    The Cat cruise folks aren't Couples employees, so please tip them too.

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    Just like Pibblelover says, the cat cruise guys are great and we usually throw a ten in the tip jar.Free rum punches and Red Stripes plus some great entertainment is worth that.

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    I have to admit I thought the bus driver (airport xfer) was part of Couples and not included in the "OK to tip" group. We always did give a token sum (couple of bucks) but next time I'll do better.

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