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    Default Wondering whether to postone ....

    We are due to arrive at CSA Friday afternoon...even if the hurricane misses land, there will be days of rain ....right? And that's no fun at all!

    Thank God we bought the insurance! But I don't WANT to postpone!

    What are other soon-to-arrive people doing??? Still going? or postponing?

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    We are flying in on Tuesday the 2nd rain or shine. Hurricane Tomas will not keep us away! lol Looks like he might take a right turn & go over Haiti.

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    We will be going to CSS Wed., unless flight is cancelled. Can't wait rain or shine...........We will have a blast!!!

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    Current tracking appears to turn north before reaching Jamaica. Our thought and prayers are for the people of Haiti

    Couples Resorts

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    And it's already been downgraded to a tropical storm again.

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    My husband and I will will arriving at CN tomorrow, the 1st at around 12 noon come rain or shine. We have been waiting so long to go and since it is our honeymoon, we are being optimisitic and know that we will have a great time no matter what At this point there isn't much that we can do so we will make the best of it! Although I am truly hoping the hurricane doesn't hit Jamaica, I also feel so bad for the people of Haiti, they have been through so much already

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    Default We Cancelled!

    We too were celebrating our 25th anniversary, but were to fly out tonight Sun. Oct 31st. We bailed out...just not enough certainty that we wouldn't have to be evacuated within a day or 2 of arriving. We are sad & sick feeling, were looking so forward to it. We booked last minute (on Tues of this week) and then Sat. morning heard about the storm. We didn't think it was worth risking life & limb. We hope to re-book and go in a couple weeks when things settle. We will have no insurance because and "official" weather watch or warning was not issued for Jamaica - the storm was too far away from Jamaica at the time we had to decide whether to go or whether to stay.

    I hope it works out for all who decide to brave it and go before there is certainty of the storm's path and intensity as it approaches Jamaica. I pray for the people of Haiti as well.

    Quote Originally Posted by amyk210 View Post
    My husband and I are planning to celebrate our 20th anniversary at CTI, starting 11/5. I sure hope the predictions for Tomas are ALL wrong! We have been so excited and looking forward to this, now just feeling sick and sad ...

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    As someone from Florida who has to live with hurricane season day in and day out for 6 months.... Ya'll need to drink a Red Stripe and relax. Honestly.

    Hurricanes move frequently. Their FORECASTED paths change literally every three hours. In addition to that, (oddly enough) the weather on the front end and back end of a hurricane is often beautiful. It creates weird pressure systems that actually create blue skies once the storm has passed.

    Additionally, Tomas has been downgraded to a tropical storm. It's headed away from Jamaica. (Good God, please pray for the poor people of Haiti.) You might get some rainy weather while you are in Jamaica. (If you're headed there now anyway, you're there during the rainy season, so expect a little rain.) But go, relax and enjoy.
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    Our thoughts and prayers going out to Jamaica and especially Haiti. It looks like Jamaica will be okay save for some rain. We pray everyone stays safe.

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    We arive on Nov 2 and leave on Nov 6. It looks like we might not get any hurricane. My wife is freaking out a little. We are still coming unless they tell us not to.

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    Quote Originally Posted by shane&stacie View Post
    We arive on Nov 2 and leave on Nov 6. It looks like we might not get any hurricane. My wife is freaking out a little. We are still coming unless they tell us not to.
    I like it: "Unless they tell us not to"

    I'm coming in on the 8th and was worried, but it looks like the storm won't be a problem. We may be looking to the next storm by then...but hopefully not. Either way, Jamaica here we come!

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    Default Tomas - Uninvited Wedding Guest

    Is there any updates on the storm? We are coming in Wednesday morning and have wedding guests coming in Wednesday until Friday morning...Ahh!!

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    We are scheduled to arrive Friday afternoon. I'll admit im worried, but i keep watching the trackers and hoping for the best. Looks like the storm has been downgraded, but ive read that there is a possibility of it reforming and getting stronger too. I wont make a decision until wednesday or thursday. I did purchase full coverage insurance (which i NEVER do), so im hoping if i have to, i can push back the trip just a few days.

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    We're due to land Thursday afternoon. Prime ugly time it looks. Anyone know how close a hurricane needs to be before they'll shutdown the airport?

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    Arg! The 3-day cone is starting to swallow my fun place.

    Two Questions:
    1. Does the "Hurricane" policy cover "Tropical Storms"?
    2. How does one know if the resort closes? I have a feeling that we'll be mid connection during the critical decision point?

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    We are going to be coming into CSS on Friday the 5th and staying until the 12th - Praying the storm misses! It will be our first trip to Jamaica and it wouldn't be terrible to see all of it's weather - rain and sunshine! Rain just means some snuggle time with the hubby right?!

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    Default getting closer and closer

    we r to fly in Weds afternoon...are there any updates from mgt.
    If it hits on Thursday, will we be stuck there, does the resort flood, what fun trouble can we get in if raining?

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    Quote Originally Posted by froz View Post
    . . . Does the "Hurricane" policy cover "Tropical Storms"? . . .
    This is addressed in the original post on this thread:

    "As you know Couples Resorts has a hurricane policy. This policy applies only if: (1) the storm is declared a hurricane and (2) Jamaica is under 3 days cone of influence as per NOAA."
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    What about flights? I was on the MBJ site and see nothing about potential flight delays/cancellations. Any advice on where to look for updates?

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    Jamaica was just updated to a hurricane watch.

    Time to pray, my island friends.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pamela View Post
    This is addressed in the original post on this thread:

    "As you know Couples Resorts has a hurricane policy. This policy applies only if: (1) the storm is declared a hurricane and (2) Jamaica is under 3 days cone of influence as per NOAA."
    Thanks Pamela...

    Sure wish this thread would be updated more than once per day. Pretty disappointing that the approvals are only done at very infrequent intervals.

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    Default Oklahoma Here!

    George Here! Just got back Monday night. It will rain a while so I wouldn't worry about it. I would ask for those of you praying for it not to hit Jamaica, to change your prayers. Look again at the map, BEYOND YOURSELF and Resort. Haiti Folks......let's see...... cholera outbreak which killed more than 330 people in Haiti.........there was a catastrophic magnitude 7.0 Mw earthquake making at least 52 aftershocks measuring 4.5 or greater had been recorded. An estimated three million people were affected by the quake; the Haitian government reported that an estimated 230,000 people had died, 300,000 had been injured and 1,000,000 made homeless........those homeless are living in tent cities......

    Guess what.......they are in the immediate path to be affected whether it hits Jamaica or not.

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    Whitey I am in total agreement (and yes we are leaving for CSA this month). Our thoughts and prayers are with the people of Haiti for sure. Vacation plans can be made again, but you can't bring back people who have passed away. The people of Haiti have been through more in the past year then most of us together will experience in a lifetime. May God and his angels watch over them and keep them safe.

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    Default Update Wednesday 12pm

    Tomas is now a very disorganized tropical depression as his winds have dropped below 35mph. He is not even a tropical storm anymore. Meteoroligists are now saying that don't expect him to regain hurricane state before hitting land (as of 4 minutes ago). Unfortunately he is still expected to drop up to 10 inches of rain in Haiti as he is also expected to move more eastward. I have to assume that all flights to Mobay will now be able to land. Keep praying for Haiti.

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    We are here right now, we got here on Oct 30th. The weather hasn't been terrible, but sun is hard to come by, and they have had the red flag out all but one day. We're still having a blast, but it would have been nice to experience a nice sunset or sunrise here in jamaica. Don't worry - you all will be just fine. it looks like the weather takes a nice turn for the better once we get on a plane to head home......

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