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    Default Dunn River Falls from CN

    We will be staying at CN for the first time in late January. Everyone that's been to Jamaica says we need to go to Dunn River Falls, but I'm thinking it's a long ways away! I was wondering how long a trip it is from CN and what the cost would be? Is it a private trip or is there a tour from the resort? Is there a different tour that would be similar but worth the trip from CN?

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    We were at CN in Sept of this year for our Honeymoon and first trip to Couples. DRF is around a 2hr taxi ride from CN. I believe our cost was $110 ea. We were in a taxi with one other couple from another resort. DRF is a beautiful place, the water is VERY cold, but an experience that shouldn't be missed. We have decided when we go back we will forgo DRF again, done it once, won't again. We also did the Zip line with the 6X6 military vehicle...we loved it! The "friends" (read-Staff) of Freddy, Belly, and Stone are great people, we had a blast. It was very entertaining, exciting, AND educational. We will be doing it again!!!

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    You're right...Dunn's River Falls is a long way from CN. You can book a tour there once you get to the resort, but it's about a 2.5 to 3 hour ride each way. Not really worth it IMHO. YS Falls is near Negril so you might look into that. Enjoy your visit to Jamaica and save Dunn's River Falls for your next trip and stay in Ocho Rios at one of the great Couples resorts on that side of the island.

    Bart & Bug

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    As mentioned above DRF is over 3 hours each way (honestly probably closer to 3.5 than 3 most days depending upon weather and traffic). Mayfield Falls and YS Falls are both closer and are both far less 'commercial' than DRF.

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    If you're staying in Negril, try the Black River Safari/YS Falls tour with the Appleton Estate add-on. You start on a boat on the Black River which is very cool, then you visit YS Falls, and finally to the Appleton Estate rum factory. You probably spend about 4 combined hours in the shuttle from the resort to all the stops and back. It's only like $95/per person and totally worth it. We found it to be a much better use of our time than sitting in a van all the way to Dunn's and back. Plus, you see more of the Western and SW part of the island, which provides a much different outlook on the culture in the Negril area than you see going back the other way.

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    We haven't been to Dunns River, we did YS and black River last time and are proabaly not going to venture further than Mayfield this time. We go to CN for CN, so leaving for a just a few hours is enough. We intend to split a break next trip and may well stay on the East of the Island - that is when we will do Dunns River. Its on the list, but just like Jamaica, no problem mon, we'll get to it!

    If you dont think you will return, sure take the trip, if you do, why waste the time in the car? just my thoughts.

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    Default a better adventure for a falls

    get to Mayfield. We did it and the river was roaring! We made our driver go in the river with us - he lives in Negril and had never been in the river. Boy 0 what a hoot

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