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    Default Oct.30-Nov6 2011

    Only one year to wait.Anyone else planing to go at the same time?It will be our 6th trip.It seems like a long time ,but anyone who's been there know its worth the wait

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    After a week that had all the holidays, a Blizzard that left 16inchs of snow and 4ft drifts. I needed to get on the MB and remind myself that we only have 301 days to go.

    Happy New Year

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    Default Oct 8-16

    Hey, we're also from NY and have the October 11' trip booked, but a little earlier for the anniversary Party.

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    We are going from the 16th thru the 23rd. We will miss you by a week.

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    Sorry we will miss you both We dont know if we can hold out till Oct 30. 32 inches of snow and more coming tomorrow,and its not even Feb.yet. 282 days till we go for sure hopfully sooner

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    246 days to go airfare is booked on air Jamaica before price goes up. I need a time machine to make it come faster

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    My fiance and me will be there for October29 to the 5th for our honeymoon. This is our first time to Jamaica can't wait to go.

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    Congrats on your wedding. Looking foward to meeting you. This is our 6th trip to Couples, so if there is anything you want to know just ask,if we dont know then I'm sure someone else who reads this will

    234 days to go

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    Just 192 days till vacation sounds like alot but when you start at almost 400 we're more then half way there

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    Just 150 days to go Time to bump this thread to the top

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    ITS here the 100 day mark who else will be there for Halloween? trick or treat by the pool bar? anyone?

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    Just checking in as we could not for some reason get on our last name on here mheim83. We both can't wait for our first time at couples

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    Glad you wrote in Was beginning to think we had the whole place to ourselves . This is our 6th trip to couples and I think I'm more excited than the first time. You will love it there we arrive early on Oct.30 and we've been waiting since May 2010 to come back

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    Wahoo only 75 more days

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    quite a week here on Long Island first a little shake from the earthquake and now a beat down from Irene. Is it Oct. yet

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    Jeff & Faith Paducah, KY. We will be there at the same time. Hope we get to meet. Celebrating our anniversary there our first visit.

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    Hi Jeff & Faith wrote to you on your other posting We will be happy to buy you a drink at the pool bar to celebrate your anniversary

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    Jeff & Faith -

    I'll be looking for you at the swim-up bar. I want to hear what's happening on the Ohio, especially the Olmsted construction. This will be our 7th visit to Couples Negril (We went to Tower Isle in April out of curiosity, but we're looking forward to going back home to CN). We lived in Derbytown for 28 years.

    Tips for first-timers -- STAY AWAY FROM BOB MARLEYS! The bars all have catalogs describing specialty drinks, or the bartenders can whip up a surprise if you tell them what you're in the mood for. And it's okay to ask for little or no alcohol, if you want to stay awake for music and dancing later on.


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    Kathy and I will be there Oct 31 for visit #10. Save some Jack Daniels at the pool bar.

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    Hi Kathy and Mike Happy halloween we come in on the 30th so we will save you a seat at the pool bar.
    Hi to you also Kybluehen your right about the Bob Marley shots , but every newbe should have at least one, if for nothing else it makes a great picture.
    Hope to see you at the repeaters dinner
    Larry and Carol

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    THE FINAL COUNT DOWN Ten days to go

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    We will be looking for all of you. One week to go!!!!

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    Mike we will get there a day before you I will sample a few just to make sure they have some Jack for you.
    See you at the pool bar!

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    Cant wait to meet your guys there......we will be there on Thurs. I shouldnt be to hard to recognize....will prob. have some sort of Cleveland sport hat on

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    35 hours to go Trick...Snow storm before Halloween Treat we out of here on our way to Negril! Does it get any better?

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