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    Has anyone took advantage of the private dinner feature on the beach? Interested to read your comments.

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    Yes, we did at CTI. The dinner was fantastic!! My wife made a couple special requests and with some notice the chef will do everything he can to fulfill the request. The staff even ran an outlet to the beach for an I-pod hook up so we had music. It was a very romantic and special dinner.

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    We did the private dinner in February 2010. It was wonderful. Great food, great service and unbelievable mystique and atmosphere. It isn't something that we will do every visit (we didn't do it when we went back in July) but something that we will use as a special event or memory every few trips. The picture the photographer took of us during the meal is our second favorite picture of us as a couple (our first was a wedding photo), we are relaxed, having a great time and it is clear that we are besotted with one another. One of the many things that Couples brings out in us.

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    Great, romantic experience. Worth the cost for special occasions or every few trips. Nothing like eating on the beach, surrounded by candles, with a warm tropical breeze, stars and a flash of lightning in the distance.

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    we did while we were at CSS! It was wonderful! We were right at the waters edge, had our private wait staff, the best meal with the surf and turf and wine. Plus then had a private phote session with a few photos that we were able to get through the resort too. Wonderful, would recommend it to anyone thaqt is looking to spend a special night with that special someone!

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    My husband and I did the private dinner at CSA when we were there in September. We booked it for our last night and it was the perfect ending to a perfect vacation. There were 6 other couples on the beach with us, but we felt like we were the only ones on the planet. The food was fantastic, the atmosphere was completely romantic, and everything else just melted away. They gave us an iPod with little speakers on the table so we could control our music. After we were done eating we picked a song and danced on the beach. We decided to do it because it was our anniversary, but I think we would do it again, no matter the reason we were visiting. Also, if you do it, ask for the special bottle of wine. I'm not a red wine fan, but this was pretty good.

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    Where do you arrange/book the private dinner? What is the cost?

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    My husband emailed Couples and told them we wanted to book the private dinner. They sent us all of the information. It was $170 and included 4 courses and a bottle of wine.

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