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    Default Road status between MoBay and Negril?

    How's the road between MoBay and Negril right now? Seems like every time we travel, the time is different due to construction, etc. Coming in on the 18 Nov.

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    Hi Chinabug - we will be arriving on 18 Nov also. We were there last November and the road was fine. But they have had a few storms and with Tomas approaching there may be some wash outs.

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    We just took it on 10/30 - no problem. No construction of any kind and it took less than 90 minutes with no traffic on a Saturday AM. The trip to the resort was a little slower because of after school traffic and congestion, but still no construction (just some enormous potholes).

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    Awesome, thanks! We considered TIMAIR to Negril but enjoy the "tour" and tourguide...always something different. TIMAIR back however is the way to go!

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    Last trip this past July, we made it in record time. We did not stop and there was no road problems. Seems like the trip was a little over an hour. Great!

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