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    Default Weather March/April 2011 for 2 weeks at CSA

    Can anyone who has been at CSA end of March/April tell me what the weather was like last year, did it rain everyday? How warm is it at night (do I need a cardigan etc)

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    Default End of March

    Went last year 3rd week of March to CSA. Beautiful and in the upper 80's every day. Warm at night. No rain that I remember.

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    We were at CSA 4/1/10 to 4/9/10. We had the same weather that MiGreg had with the exception on our last day, it was cloudy and drizzled most of the day.

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    I was actually going to ask this since we have only been in February and December!

    CSA 3/18-3/21
    CN 3/21-3/25

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