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    My husband and I have been to CSA three times. Everytime we go we admire the rooms that are directly on the beach in the middle of the resort with the round glass block windows and modern blue decorations in front of the windows. They all have large corner balconies. We always ask the people sitting on the balcony what category it is...they never know. I know it would have been easy just to ask the front desk, but we always forget. Does anyone know what room category it is? They look wonderful from the outside.

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    Those are Beachfront Suites. There are two different kinds of Beachfront Suites. Some of the Beachfront Suite buildings have 3 suites and some have 4. The ones you're referring to are in the buildings with 3 suites. I'm not sure how you get one type over the other - luck, I guess, or you could request one if it's available.

    I think it would make more sense if they put those rooms into a different room category. Then people would know exactly what they are going to get.

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    Those are the beachfront suite rooms.

    Asthecrowflies - I agree with you completely about making the BFS rooms with the large verandahs a separate room category. We have always booked the beachfront verandah suite rooms, and while we love those rooms, Bob always sighs wistfully at the large verandahs on the BFS rooms. Last January, I walked him all around the BFS rooms and showed him how we could end up with a room with a tiny verandah. But after he said that he could live for 10 days without a TV, I decided to reserve a BFS room for January 2011. I have to tell you, I have had nightmares about ending up in the small BFS verandah rooms - I can't believe how this has crept into my subconscious. I would GLADLY pay extra if I knew I was going to get the large verandah. I really didn't think I was even concerned about it, but I guess subconsciously I am!

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    i think he is talking about the ones that are 2 stories with huge patios.

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    Are they nicer than the other beachfront suites? Or are they the same on the inside with an updated outside? I called the reservation department and the reservation agent didn't know what I was talking about. Do you know what room numbers are located in the building? Thank you for your help.

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    They are beachfront suites, and very hard to get. There are not a lot of them and they always seem to be taken. Once we asked for one and were told they were all occupied. The problem was that one sat empty for days and then when people moved into it they said they had asked for an upstairs room, which we had and did not want. Made no sense to me but oh well.

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    We got lucky the last time we were there, and got one of those fabulous large rooms w/wraparound balcony. We truly felt like a king and queen!!! We had enviously eyed those rooms every other time we had been to CSA. Turns out the people who had the room hated it because there was no TV, so they moved to a BFVS, thereby leaving it open for us!! Yay!! Just goes to show, different strokes for different folks, but we definitely wouldn't complain if we got that room category again. It is really truly absolutely fabulous!!

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    BobandJudy, that's funny because I actually did not want the beachfront suite with the bigger verandah. I thought the bedrooms weren't nearly as nice and pretty as ones with the smaller verandah. I wouldn't call our verandah tiny at all! It had more then enough room for a couch and a rocker lounge chair (loved that chair).

    Here's a pic of our verandah.

    Maybe we could suggest to Couples that they split the room category. That way everyone would know what they were getting and not have to worry about not getting what they want.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mbhines View Post
    Are they nicer than the other beachfront suites? Or are they the same on the inside with an updated outside?
    The rooms are different. If you go to the CSA accomodations page on the Couples website, it shows a picture of the room with the smaller verandah. But if you go to the section called Panorama and Maps, it shows a 360 view of the BFS with the larger balcony. Very confusing!

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    I think they should seperate the GS and GVS rooms too (they recently started calling both the same thing). You are getting totally different accomodations and it's really confusing.

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