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    Default CSA Review: 10/25 - 10/30

    We used the message board a lot in our trip planning, so I thought I'd share a first-timer's review of our recent stay at CSA.

    Airport/Shuttle: No problems, exactly as described in other posts. Got through customs, etc. in about 20 minutes and then to the Couples Lounge for a quick drink. Waited about 20 minutes for the shuttle. Hit some after-school traffic, and the trip took about 90 minutes, without a stop along the way.

    Room: Check-in was quick, cool towel and sparkling wine, then off to our room. We were in an Ocean Verandah Suite, room 3211, building 15. Exactly as shown on the website...we were on the second floor, overlooking the hot tub, and had an obstructed (but still beautiful) view of the beach and ocean. Not much for storage in the rooms, but we were hardly in there, and the mini-bar and TV were nice when needed.

    Restaurants: Ate at all of them during the week. Our favorite, by far, was Patois. Thought it had the same quality and presentation as Feathers, but with a laid back vibe that fit our mood most meals. Enjoyed Lemongrass and Feathers, Palms was pretty good (for a buffet). Loved the onion rings at Cabana and the fish tacos at Seagrapes. Also can't beat the option to eat lunch or a snack right on the beach.

    Beach/Bars: Put these in the same category, since they were a pair for us. Spent the majority of our days lounging and floating, with multiple trips to the beach bars. The bartenders are the best - didn't even bother with the green flags because we wanted to see Horatio and crew (Miami Vice, Margaritas and a couple of Bob Marleys were our drinks of choice). Haven't been to seven mile beach before, so I can't comment on what it looked like before Nicole, but for us there was still plenty of soft sand and the crystal clear, warm water was amazing. I can't count the number of times we looked at each other and said "this is unreal".

    Activities: We snorkeled (pretty good) and did the cat cruise (excellent with cave swimming, boat slide and Rasta Ralphie). We also parasailed. Didn't do any of the organized daily activities. For us, when compared against leaving the beach, it just couldn't pry us away.

    Facilities/Grounds: The gym across the street is a hidden gem. We worked out most mornings after a walk along the beach. Plenty of treadmills and machines. The juice bar is also outstanding. We'd have their special juice of the day or a smoothie after working out, and hang out a little by the lap pool. Didn't take advantage of the tennis pro, but if you are a tennis player, this seems like a huge add.

    Overall: We had pretty high expectations going in, after reading the message board and TA reviews. CSA exceeded them all. We really enjoyed the couples only atmosphere, and the vibe of a place full of people wanting to spend time with the person they love. The service from the staff was also amazing - we must have heard "no problem" a hundred times a day.

    We'd recommend this resort to family and friends (and anyone else who'd listen) in a hearbeat.

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    Sounds fantastic! We are going for our first time in two weeks. Thanks for sharing!

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    Great review, thanks for sharing. We stayed in room 3210, right next to yours. We loved the room and hope to get it again when we return in 41 days!!!

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    Great review - sounds exactly like our second visit - can't wait to return! We also stayed in building 15 - 3rd floor both times - loved it.

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    Default CSA review...

    Here we go again! I'm sitting at work, eating my lunch and reading the message board. We are heading to CSA in EXACTLY 115 days and after reading your review, I can hardly wait! This will be our second trip to Negril...we were at CN in February this year, but we can't wait to return and to try CSA. Thanks for sharing and taking me back to Jamaica mon!

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    Default Room Numbers, CSA

    Does anyone have a map with the room numbers on it. I have the map that is on their website showing the layout but not room numbers.

    We are considering this hotel for Feb./10 and I noticed that the Great House is near the road. I want to avoid any room facing the road.

    Can anyone give me some help?

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    Default I'm with "dcurran"...

    When we stayed at CN in February, someone provided a layout of that resort with building numbers and explained the room number system. I would also appreciate a map with building numbers/room numbers for CSA for next February.

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    so glad you had a great trip to Swept Away. we go back for our 8th trip in April and are counting down the days.

    in regards to rooms in the Greathouse facing the road, that end of the building on the first floor is the lobby and gift shops and the second floor is the Aura Lounge. i could be mistaken, but i have not heard of anyone on the third floor saying their room faced the road.


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    warmweather and dcurran, I have a map that I can scan and email you both. I saved it from our trip December 2008, not sure if anything has changed since then. I do understand the Garden Suites are now the GVS. My email is

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    None of the suites face the road. Keep the windows closed in the bathroom and the road noise is minimal. The gvs are by the road and all face the sea.

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    Awesome review. We were supposed to go back to CSA this past October, but Nicole diverted us to CTI for the week. We really missed CSA and your very descriptive words made CSA so real to me. Thanks.

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    Our GVS faced the road. Maybe we didn't get what we paid for? Traffic noise kept us awake all night.

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    When I read "face the road", Im thinking the patio/verandah is facing the road. I've stayed in the "old garden suites" which are n.ow gvsuites,the newer gvsuites and bfs and I've never seen one that fare the road. The door to enter might face the road. I will have to take a stroll and check it out.

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    Would like to get the same room I had on my last visit does anyone know how to get a complete map of the property? I know it was a Oceanview with a hot tub in the front of it.

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    Default July 5th to July 12th CSA

    Hi! We will be at CSA on July 5th to the 12th to celebrate our 20th anniversary. We have been to CSA five times and it's our favorite vacation to go on. Went to CSA 20 years ago for our honeymoon and have been going since. We are from Milwaukee and looking forward to nice hot weather. We also like to stay at the atrium.

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    We'll be making our second trip to CSA in 49 days. Went there last year for our honeymoon and were "swept away" by the beach, the staff, and the whole experience. We're counting the days until some rest, relaxation, and fun in the sun.

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