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    My husband and I will be at CSS at the end of Nov. and were wanting to know any recommendations on the restaurants. We didn't know if some were better than others, which places serve the best lunch, dinner, etc. Any advice is much appreciated!

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    Hi, there!

    We just got back from CSS after a wonderful vacation on 10/25. It was our third trip to CSS, and we're hoping a fourth is on the horizon.

    As for dinners (and meals in general) please understand that you CANNOT GO WRONG. That's the first thing to keep in mind. It all comes down to preferences, and what you like a dinner to be like. You have five options each night that isn't the Gala or Beach Party (Fri and Tues, respectively.)

    1. Bella Vista - Bella Vista is a great casual restaurant right on the beach in the same location as the beach bar and beach grill which it operates as during the day. You can wear shorts and a tee shirt, sandals. Very casual. The food is laid back but very good. The chocolate pudding at dessert is phenomenal. No reservations required.

    2. Palazzina - Palazzina notches up the formality a bit. Nice shorts (taliored) and collars are appropriate here. This is the place to go if you want to just overload yourself with food. There is an excellent pasta bar where they make it for you to order. Try mixing the red sauce and the alfredo sauce. Reservations required, but we never had any issue getting them.

    3. Casanova - This is the most formal (slacks and closed-toe shoes for men,) and also our favorite. The food is quite fancy, with the requisite dainty portions for proper plating. That said, I've never left less than stuffed. The pumpkin chowder is a knockout and the pineapple marscapone crepe was our favorite dessert all week. We prefer to sit inside and listen to the piano, but outside is nice, also. Reservations required.

    4. Room service - The food is great, and you can eat in the buff (or in whatever you'd like) because they bring it to you! Frankly, we prefer going out, but we've had breakfast on the balcony, and that's a winner! We had a cheese and fruit plate brought up almost every evening with some champagne. Clearly, no reservations are necessary.

    5. Private dinner on the beach - Admittedly, this isn't an every night option (unless you're mega-loaded) but it's a nice touch. Great menus and the service re-defines what "great" means, because you know, the server is devoted exclusively to you. Reservations and extra cost.

    So, in the end, a recommendation would be to stay for three weeks and try each item at each restaurant. Barring that, go with what you feel like doing. Do you want to make a reservation and play it by ear? Wanna get dressed up or wear the NASCAR shirt? It's your vacation - go nuts!

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    You will love your holiday at CSS!! Send us an e-mail , if you like, to, and we'll give you all kinds of information about CSS, including the food and restaurants, as well as some pictures from our 2 trips.

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    for my wife and it we did:
    breakfast at Palazzina, they have the third best eggs i've ever had in my life
    lunch was either the beach bar or Palazzina
    for dinner we preferred Palazzina, the beach grill, and then Casanova in that order.

    If you eat by/on the sand at night, you'll need bug spray....least we did two months ago

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    They are all good. I reccomend eating at each one atleast once.

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    me too me too!

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    Try them all!

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    We will be there at the end of November also, as far as your question, I guess it's all according to taste. Personally we preferred CasaNova for dinner, it required reservations which were easy to make and the dinner was always top shelf, We were there last year at the same time for 9 days and ate there every night except Starlight Gala night, and the night of the beach party. Palazzina is more of an ala carte type and Bella Vista is outdoor. We didn't try Bella Vista last year but we plan on eating there this year. 25 More Days!!!! Can't wait.

    Steve and Claire

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    All the food is fabulous. Check out everything!
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    Breakfast is served in two locactions: the Palazzina Restaurant and your room. Be sure to try the latter as the service and food is excellent! For lunch your choices are the Palazzina Restaurant, the Beach Grill and your room. The Palazzina is best if you want to sit and relax off the beach and have a buffet style lunch while the Beach Grill is an excellent choice for jerk and grill foods by the beach. CSS is the only Couples resort with all day room service and has great lunch/dinner/snack foods that you can have delivered right to your room (a definite must do). Dinner is served at the Palazzina restaurant (Italian cuisine), Ristorante Casanova (Thai) and at Bella Vista. Reservations are required for the first two with the latter being the former Beach Grill with no reservations required (though you may have to wait). It's great to eat dinner right by the ocean. No matter which restaurant you eat at for whichever meal you'll be amazed by the quality of the food and service. Enjoy your trip to Jamaica and stay at CSS.

    Bart & Bug

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    Casanova Rest is the best for dinner. Casanova only serves dinner. Pallazina rest would be the next choice for dinner. You also have Bella Vista rest which doubles as the beach grill that serves lunch and late night snacks.
    Bella Vista is just fine for dinner, it is very romantic and is directly on the ocean

    You also have room service from 6 AM to 11 PM
    Pallazina also serves a buffet breakfast and lunch

    Keep in mind CSS is only 150 rooms so there is no need for more restaurant choices

    Have a great time!

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    Thanks to everyone for all the comments and recommendations! We can't wait to be wined and dined now!

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    For us Cassanova is the best restaurant. Although we liked all the restaurants.
    Some additional advice is the room service breakfast. There are cards in your room that you fill out the night before, indicating the time for the food to arrive and what you want. If you are hungry after that you can still get the buffet breakfast.

    To have a morning coffee, fruit, yummy bakery, yogurt and smoked salmon with bagels on the balcony was awesome. (you can make special requests and they do everything to meet your needs - we usually ordered extra papaya).
    The balcony breakfast for us was a real treat.

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    Cassanova is the best of the three restaurants, we ate there three nights. Their lamb is out of this world. They also make a killer Cosmopolitan. And their coffee is much better than Palazzina's. The best entree of the week, however, was at Palazzina - pan seared local red snapper, which was heavenly. The best laid back beach dinner atmosphere is Bella Vista, which also has very good food. You can not go wrong with any of them, but we preferred Cassanova.

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