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    Default After wedding???

    Can anyone tell me where abouts is a good place to go after you get married, As my soon to be husband and i are getting married, at couples swept away, And we have 2 kids that are going to be at our wedding,but they can't stay for that long, so we were thinking on going out for dinner, and a few drinks after, but need to know if kids are allowed exp margaritaville, rick's cafe?? thanks Deb

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    Check out the Rock House and The Caves for an off site wedding dinner.

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    how about alfreds or the roots bamboo...but dont know if kids are allowed?..there close

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    Well, I was gonna say the room but, guess
    Kids are allowed at Margaritaville.
    How about drop the kids off at the resort next door?

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    What resort next Door?

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    B is next door

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sportygal View Post
    B is next door

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