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    Default Pregnant and traveling to CTI

    My Husband and I booked a delayed honeymoon for Dec26-Jan.2 2010-2011 back in March. We were married in July and just found out we are expecting our first child. I'll be about 4 months pregnant for our trip and the doctor has given us approval to travel. I'm wondering if anyone has tips for enjoying CTI while pregnant. Sadly I won't get to enjoy the Rum but my husband has promised to bring me back for another anniversary in the future!

    Thanks in advance!!!

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    Default CTI Is Fun Even With A Bun


    Congrads on your wedding and pregnancy.

    8 years ago I was 7 months pregnant with my 3rd son and was at Couples CTI. I had a great time enjoying the "virgin" version of the drinks. Also I went to the Island with no problem.

    Be comfortable with yourself and your changing body to fully enjoy your CTI time. Don't worry about being pregnant just have fun (even without the alcohol).

    My husband and I have already planned our 11th trip there next year Spring break week of 03/11. Counting down.

    Have a super trip.

    Sue V. - "Couplesholic"

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