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    Default Looking for good advice....

    My husband and I are taking our first Couples trip in January. For all of you alumni, please help us make our vacation as amazing as yours by answering the following questions. Please include anything from the flight to the excursions, things to take and not to take and food and drink.

    I wish I would have....


    I wouldn't miss ....... for anything.

    Any info is appreciated.

    Beth and Kirk

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    I think it depends on what you like to do and which Couples you attend. My wife and I enjoy the AN beach at CSS and very much enjoy the great food. I injured my Achilles' Tendon last year so getting around much is difficult. We did not participate in any off-site activities but did not miss it at all as the resort is so beautiful. We over pack every year and promise ourselves we will not the next year. Just go and enjoy!!!!

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    It helps if you mention which resort you are coming to! Then your advice can be tailored to your destination.
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    We went to CSA and the only thing we wish we would of done was stay longer.

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    There are a lot of "I wish I would have" ideas in this "The 'I wish I would have thought of that' thread" thread:
    Happy & Safe Travels!


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    try to plan everything (ie. massages, excursions) after 12 or 1 in the afternoon. the beach in the morning is the best time. usually it rains in the afternoon, so that is the best time to schedule things that do not entail the beach.

    save some room in your baggage for duty free items on the way home, ie. coffee, rum, rum cake etc.

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    As long as you don't forget to take your husband, you will have an amazing time.
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    Do the catamaran at least once. It really is a great time.
    If you are ok with any extra costs we go parasailing every year when we are at CSA. It is always amazing and well worth the money. It is $60 a person but they will take $100.. just negotiate with them. It really is amazing and a beautiful view. Captain Quality (Cosmo) will be on the beach. He will be wearing a yellow shirt and yellow hat.
    Get to know the staff. They are wonderful people.
    Have a dirty banana! They are amazing!
    Don't miss the beach party and the international night at the Palms. For us they are our favorite because they have such a variety of amazing food.
    Don't try to do everything. Take it all in and relax. When we go it takes the first couples days to "slow down".

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