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    Default Entwined Palm Necklace

    We will be getting married at CSA on September 22. I would really like to have the Entwined Palms Necklace. Can anyone please tell me where I can purchase one of these. Thank you.

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    we went to CN 3 weeks ago. I purchased the entwined palm trees in the gift shop there, it was $45 US with the necklace. I love it, I wear it everyday!

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    You can get the necklace in the gift shops
    at the resort. I have one and I love it!

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    So Randy,

    Why aren't these available online on the Couples Living store? My wife would love one!


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    Does anyone know if they have these @ CN that are all silver?
    Glenda & Mickey

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    scjamaicagirl, I don't know but I will let you know, I am hoping that they do. I will be there in 3 weeks and I will try to get to the internet cafe to post and let you know.

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    scjamaicagirl - Yes - we just returned from CN on July 16th. I bought a silver twisted palm pendant while there. I think it cost about $22. They have necklaces available to purchase to put the twisted palms on. It is a rope type necklace and kind of stiff. I think I paid around $20-30 for the necklace.

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    Thanks! November can't get here soon enough. CN for 3rd time!!! Yay!! Just got 2 children enrolled in college. Enough said..... We are ready for Jamaica!!!!
    Glenda & Mickey

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    Randy, Everyone has answers regarding the entwined palm trees charms, and necklaces at CN. But no one mentions if they are available at CSA. I will being getting married on 9/22/09, and I would love to have the necklace. HELP! Thanks, Vikki

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    would love to buy one at the online store...hint hint

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    Vikki&Jerry, both silver and gold pendants are available at Swept Away if in stock at the time of your trip. home this helps.


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    Are these available at Tower Isle??

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    We were at CN in March of this year, my husband surprised me with a necklace and pair of earrings with the twisted palms. The necklace had the hard black leather cord but you can change that out.

    I think you just need to check every day he got lucky!

    241 more days!!!!!!!!!!!

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    we will be at csa in march if they have 1 I can get it and send it to you no problem

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    I also bought one @ the airport (MBJ) when CN did not have any while we were there ..

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    Are these available at Tower Isle??
    They had them at the Tower Isle gift shop when we were there over Thanksgiving.

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    Where is this online store you all speak of?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChasingAnnie View Post
    Where is this online store you all speak of?
    The online store was talked about in 2009 - Look at the dates in the posts. I don't think they have it anymore.
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    Whoops! Thanks Wally.

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