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    Default Scuba Diving Question

    Going to be at CTI at the end of Nov. and looking forward to scuba diving. This will be our first experience, I was wondering if the dive that is included is conducted in the ocean or is it just in the pool? We really want to be able to do an open water dive, but wasnt sure what was included.


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    You do training in the pool then they take you out on the boat to the reef. the dive is about 30 minutes going down about 30 feet. Ther is a swim test first in the pool.

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    Hi Erinlinn,
    You will love diving with Colin and Lloyd! They are so helpful, conscientious and make you feel comfortable in the ocean. You will learn some safety and equipment handling on dry land. Then you'll go to the dive pool (that's the new section next to the new swim-up pool bar) and learn some skills here. After the instructor feels you're ready to go and try it in the ocean you'll go out on the dive boat and do a shallow dive of 30 ft or so. Don't worry, the instructors are wonderful. We love to dive in Jamaica at Couples because all of the dive masters take such care of us. We actually got our advanced certifications in Jamcaica. If you are there long enough, I highly recommend this. You can be certified in about 4 to 5 days. maybe less. The cost is comparable to learning in Canada or the US but the atmosphere is of course, unique. It's so relaxing and warm and the water is so clear even at 100 ft (if the weather has been good - and it usually is). Now, we only dive on our vacations to Couples. We love Couples Resorts in Jamaica!!

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    Hi erinlinn,
    In addition to the pool lesson 1 complimentary dive in the ocean is included.
    I hope that helps!

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    They do the swim test and class right in the pool but then take you out in the boat. I tried to do it with my husband on our first trip but found that I was claustrophic. I never would have thought that. But I was glad to find out in the pool! So I napped in a hammock and he made some new friends on the dive! Maybe some day I'll try again. Have fun!

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    Default One Dive I Believe

    If you are not PADI certified I believe you get one open water dive limited to 30ft. after you take a resort course.

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    At CN you can take the one day trial resort class that gives you book training then an hour in the pool and a quick boat ride out for a 30 minute open water shallow dive. Some people bailed out during the pool training and one person did not do the open water. It's not for everyone but since I went, I received my certification and have been logging dives ever since. Good luck.

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    the resort dive consists:
    watching a video
    taking a quiz
    getting wet in the pool
    swimming a lap
    practicing skills
    then you go do the open water dive.

    I think cti and css (where I stayed) share a dive site and if it's the one i'm thinking of it's beautiful. Don't bother taking a camera unless you want to take pics on the boat, you're not allowed to have a camera on your first dive

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    Both if you want. They will comp you what's referred to as a "Resort Dive/Course". Basically, you'll have to successfully complete a few skill tests in the pool. Then they will let you go on a shallow (40' or less probably) ocean dive with an instructor.

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    You will have to do a swim test then some skills in the pol. After successfully passing all the required skills the dive master will take you on a 20-30 ft discover SCUBA dive. Have fun!!

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    Default Scuba Diving Question

    Thanks everyone for your replies, I have a better understanding of how it works now! We will be there Nov 24th-28th and are counting down the days! Thanks Again!

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    One biggie to make sure of.. IF there is any medications you are taking, make sure you get a doctors checkup and OK. Our 1st time visiting 5 years ago I was excited to try scuba diving only to be told I couldn't because of this issue.

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