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    Default CN? Or a new destination?

    As I stated in a previous thread, my wife and I hope to be returning to Jamaica some time next year. We went to CN for our first trip, should we venture out to another resort? We like keeping to ourselves is that helps any, and we definitely want some beach to play on! Thanks!

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    We've been to CN twice. We very breifly considered one of the other resorts, but like the small size of CN and the fact that we could quite easily keep to ourselves if we wanted. Why mess with a good thing? We were not dissapointed with our second trip there and hope to return again soon!

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    Very hard question. If you return to CN you know what to expect. If you go to a one other the other resorts you could spend your time comparing it to CN.

    If you do go to a different resort, go with an open mind, they are all great, but they are all different.
    Irie Mon

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    I would try CSA. It's spread out and very romantic. If you like to keep to yourself then this is the place to go. The beach is endless and it has the most bar and restaurant choices of all the Couples resorts. You really should give it a try. If you are a beach couple then CSA is the way to go.

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    We have been faced with this question twice...and we're going back to CN for a third time next year. We've even tried to find other islands and other resorts, but the pricepoint (FILA baby!) is too hard to beat, especially knowing how fantastic everything is at the resort. It was strange going back the second time as we'd never repeated a vacation before. Everything felt so familiar, but not boring. There were some changes and additions, and the rooms were remodeled, but the same great service, beach and pool! We took the opportunity to go off resort which we hadn't done the first time, and that was nice for variety, but I would have been just as happy hanging at the beach again! I am curious about the other resorts, but CN is exactly what we want, gorgeous protected beach, small intimate resort (ie, less guests to share with) and just, well, home.

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    We have visited 3 of the couples resorts over the past 5 years (all except CSA). At this point we alternate every other year from Negril to Ocho. We enjoy each of the resorts and enjoy the difference.

    26 more days until we return to Negril for trip #6.

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    We just made our 14th trip to Jamaica, 1st trip to CSA. Our prior trips were all to the same resort and we only changed because we were looking for adults only...we don't have kids so hard for us to tune out the chaos. We loved CSA and it will be our new "usual" vacation spot. If you loved CN I'd say stick with it, nothing wrong with going back to a place you love over and over and over. If you are the type that likes to try new places then venture out. For me if I tried another Couples resort I'd spend my time comparing the two and wish I was back at CSA and time away from home is precious to me so for us it will always be CSA. The answer has to be different for every couple, no wrong answer unless you aren't following YOUR heart.

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