Hi! I've recently decided to have my wedding at Couples!...although I haven't decided a date or which resort

anyway, one problem that I want to get cleared up in the beginning planning process is the problem of having a kid at the ceremony. We are having a smaller ceremony with only our close family and a few friends(probably around 15 people) and my fiances parents will be bringing their youngest son who will be 11years old. I read that you are allowed to have a child at the ceremony(with a pass), but that they must leave immediately after. I'm planning on having a big reception back at home for everyone to celebrate, so while at Couples, I wasn't planning on having a private reception, but rather just making a reservation for us to eat at one of the restaurants @ the resort. (I know they typically don't accept parties over 6 but I'm hoping they'll make an exception as they have done for numerous other brides).

so to make a long story short I was just wondering if anyone else has been in this type of situation? is there an affordable resort or hotels nearby that his parents or other friends could stay at?