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    Default Another Romance Reward question

    Hey fellow Coupleholics!!! I have a question about romance rewards. As of right now we have accumilated 13 nights stayed at Couples Negril. We are doing a split trip this month and I'm trying to do my pre check in stuff. We are staying 3 nights at CSS and 5 at CN.

    So question is, since we will have accumilated 16 nights by the time we get to CN will we then be considered "Renewed Love" and get the perks for that level once we arrive at CN?

    Second question is do we get a 30 minute massage at CSS and CN for being repeaters at both places? Or do we have to choose one resort to use that at?

    And now for the third problem...when I log onto my RR account it's not showing our previous stays, I've emailed them about it but have not heard back yet.

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    Start with #3 first by calling Couples and having them credit your previous stays. You may be able to be bumped to the "Renewed Love" level after your 3 nights at CSS but will have to make sure they credit you when you check-out, before going over to CN. And yes, you can get massages at both locations as a romance reward member.

    Relax and enjoy!

    Bart & Bug

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    That got me thinking, I logged into RR also to see if our previous stays were in there also. Our last stay was not in there also.

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    We were at CSA two weeks ago and this doesn't show up on our account either. How long does it take?

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