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    Default Dinner dress code at Restaurants

    We are leaving for CSS next week and I am wondering exactly what the dress code for the Cassanova restaurant is? Can I where a nice golf shirt with a collar and a pair of dress casual pants or do I need to where a long sleeve shirt and really dressy pants? Also what exactly is required dress for the Gala evening and can you wear nice shorts to the Beach Party. I just want to keep my packing to a minimum. Can't wait for that first Red Stripe.


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    Just returned last week. It was wonderful, as you will see. Cassanova requires long pants and a collared shirt and closed shoes. The Gala evening is outside so you need to be comfortable. In our case it rained so it was moved inside. I don't' think there is a dress code but most people were looking good. The Beach Party is just that so very casual. No swimsuits but shorts and shirts. You will love it. Don't forget to make your dinner reservations when you check in.

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    Mrnorco, Yes you can wear a collared shirt and a causal pair of dress pants. That is all my husband brings. Long sleeve shirts would be to warm for most men. For the Gala dressing like at Cassanova is fine. Some like to get really dressy, other's not so much. Whatever you are comfortable in. As far as the Beach Party, nice shorts and a collared shirt is fine.

    If you don't perspire a lot that you need to change your shirt daily (like my husband does) plan on wearing them more than once. I don't think anyone notices, and I know no one cares. This is our third trip, and I keep packing less & less each year. I think we could get by with one carryon and one checked for the two of us if I wasn't bringing school supplies along.

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    For Cassanova, a collared golf shirt and dress casual pants are just fine. You also need closed toe shoes for Cassanova as well.

    For Palazzina and Bella vista, nice shorts and a collared shirt, with sandals are fine. Most people dress up quite nicely for the Gala, but there isn't a specified dress code for it. The dress for the Beach Party is a bit more casual than for the Gala. Enjoy it all, it's a wonderful place to be!!

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    Thanks everyone for the informative responses. One final quetion: Do I need to bring long sleeves for Cassanova and the Gala or am I really OK with a few nice golf shirts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrnorco View Post
    Thanks everyone for the informative responses. One final quetion: Do I need to bring long sleeves for Cassanova and the Gala or am I really OK with a few nice golf shirts.
    No long sleeves necessary. Any nice collared shirt - golf shirts or nice tropical/hawaiian shirts - khaki or other nice slacks, and closed toe shoes. My hubby has a pair of sandal-like closed toe shoes that he brings. Any nice shoes...they just don't want sneakers, flip flops or sandals.

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    The golf shirts are great. My husband would never wear long sleeves in Jamaica. It is way to warm. As it is he sweats in the short sleeves and can't wear them a second time. Relax, and have fun.

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    probably the wrong board to ask this question, but this will be our first trip and I keep seeing reference to bringing school supplies. I think this is a great idea, but what do we do with them once we are there? Is there a drop off area, or person in charge of taking them? And specific items that seem to be favorites?

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    No ned for long sleeves anywhere.

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    Long sleeves are absolutely not needed for anything at CSS. We ate at Cassanova three times (delicious!) and each time, I wore a Hawaiian shirt, khakis and topsiders with no socks. At the beach party, I wore a nice tshirt and shorts. At Pallazina for dinner, nice shorts and a Hawaiian shirt. No problem, mon - just enjoy!

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