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    Default Down to Double Digits..

    Woo Hoo! We will be at CSS in 97 days! Our first AI, first trip to Jamaica and our first adult vacation since our son was born three years ago. Can't wait. Plus, it will be great to get away from Minnesota in the dead of winter!

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    Congrats. I know that it has been a long wait to get down to double digits. We have 19 days until we arrive at CTI. How I have missed that place. Then on to CSS, a new adventure for us. I am sure that you will enjoy your trip.

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    You are going to have a great time. We did our first trip last Jan to CSS and our returning in 85 days (doing a split CSS/CN trip). We are joining you in the double digit dance.

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    87 days until CSS! We have magnetic numbers on the refrigerator and it's fun to change them each morning. The wind is blowing a cold gale on Cape Cod now, but we're already lounging on the beach in Jamaica in our minds! I might just blend up a batch of dirty bananas this afternoon...

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