Just returned from our 4th trip (2nd at CSA). It was amazing. As soon as we arrived at the resort my husband turned to me and said it didn't feel like it had been a year since we were there. We just fell right back in where we left off last year. It was great. We love the place.
We felt the food was a little better last year. But it was still amazing. We especially like the great quality and variety of food at the beach party and international night. Feathers of course was out of this world. The only suggestion we may have is at Lemongrass. The menu doesn’t change and we would love to see more variety. Maybe include some Japanese and Chinese courses rather than just the same Thai dishes. Maybe even add some sushi rolls to the appetizer menu.
This year we stayed in an atrium suite instead of the beachfront suite and it was very nice. The reason we got the atrium is because my husband wanted the hammock so bad... but we used it once for like 15 minutes. lol So next year we will book the beach front suite again. We would prefer to step out of our door and onto the beach and we missed the sound of the ocean at night.
We were a little disappointed in our airport shuttle drivers both ways. They didn't talk to the passengers at all which makes for kind of a long drive. And they did not stop half way for a little break. Customs was a breeze. Especially coming in on a Saturday. It was very quick.
The weather was great, the mornings especially. Once the afternoon got closer the wind seemed to kick up a little and of course there were some afternoon showers here and there. The weather was better last year but I think it's just been one of those years. So we got most of our sun and water time in the morning.
The staff was of course amazing. We cannot say enough about them. Winston, Cardo, and Eduardo at the martini bar are without a doubt three of the most amazing and fun guys we have ever met at Couples. We really look forward to seeing them next year. They really took our trip to the next level and they will be missed. Curt and Onique are great. We met them last year and could not wait to see them again this year. They are good people and we look forward to seeing them next year.
The entertainment staff on the other hand we didn't feel were all that great. They seem to have a different persona and I don't feel they had the personality to engage with the staff as some of the regular staff members. They seem to have a bit of an attitude and it is very uncomfortable. And their performances were very much lacking. The juggler at the beach party was just horrible. I lost count how many times he dropped the items he was juggling. The Halloween performance they did was not very good. It looked like something they threw together 5 minutes before the show. The best entertainment was the steel drums and the small band that played at the beginning of the beach party. We also enjoyed the Halloween contests. It's about time!!! They did not have that last year and it was a lot of fun. Hopefully we will see more pumpkins and more costumes next year.
We are already planning our trip back to CSA for 2011.