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    This year we split our trip between CN and CSA in mid September. This was our 4th trip to CN and our 5th trip to CSA . We have also previously stayed at CSS . We loved every minute of CN. It is a romantic peaceful resort. We stayed in a Deluxe Beachfront room in building 6. CN is more compact than CSA which made it very easy to get around all areas of the resort. Food was excellent at all restaurants no matter if it was buffet or a la carte. Desserts were excellent! The beach and ocean were fantastic with unbelievable sunsets on the evenings that there were no clouds on the horizon. We transferred to CSA and stayed in a Beachfront Verandah Suite which is steps from the beach so you feel like you are on the beach even when you are in your room. It is by far the room with the best location of all the resorts we have been to. The sunsets were beautiful from our balcony. We enjoyed the food and desserts. One disappointment was that the evening entertainment that used to be in the Palms open air restaurant has been moved indoors. We used to enjoy finishing our meal and hanging around for the entertainment after dinner. Overall we had a great time at each resort and we will be back again next year!

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    Where is the indoor entertainment done?

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    are you saying there is no longer any evening entertainment at the Palms?

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    Was there some sort of weather issue when you were at CSA? The entertainment was still at the Palms when we were there in April and then again in October. Strange.

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    There was no evening entertainment in the Palms, it was moved indoors into the Great House. It was the same last year but the Palms was closed last year in September.

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    Ronster may be speaking about Ultimate Chocolate now being in the Greathouse

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    I am confused, we arived at CSA just after you left (Oct 23rd) and the entertainment is in the same place it has been... at the Palms. Not sure what indoor entertainment you are referring to.

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    That is really strange, I wonder why they do that. We were there in the beginning of Oct and it was the same as it is when we usually go in April. There was always some sort of entertainment at the Palms. Singing, steel drum band, etc.

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