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    Default Just Booked! 4/17-4/23

    We JUST booked our vacation for April 17-23 at CSA! We are sooo excited about after reading such wonderful reviews. Has anyone stayed in Negril during mid to late April? I read that the end of April can mean some rain (or the start of rainy season) but we're hoping for sunny skies! Either way I know we will have an amazing time and we cant wait for April 17th!!


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    Zin check out the "team April 2011" thread on the CSA board there are A LOT of April repeaters
    Erika & Sean

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    That time of the year is when we usually head home. Not too hot, and a maybe passing shower here or there. We'll be at CN from the 18th to the 25th.

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    We stayed at Couples Negril for our honeymoon April 25 to May 3, 2009 and it rained every single day, a couple of the days it actually rained for hours which I've hear is very unusual for Jamaica. It was also very cloudy everyday, we got little sun in the afternoons. I'm from AZ and I like my sun, so I was a little disappointed being that everyone said it rains a short time and then the sun is back out. However, I looked at a great website and in the trip planner section you can see the history of the weather for the exact week you are planning on going, go figure the week we were there in 2009 had way more rain than any other years. With all that being said we are planning on booking CSA April 18-25, 2011 for our anniversary and will chance the rain again. We still had an amazing time even though it rained, lets just cross our fingers for better luck this time!

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    Even if it's raining in Jamaica it's still warm--during the day. We were just at CSA a couple weeks ago and had some rain in the afternoons but it actually makes for those picture perfect sunsets as the clouds move out over the sea. I know while you are at home you worry about the weather but once you are there it really won't matter.

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    It should be nice then,see you on the 20th!

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    Zinzay!! I just booked today for 4/28- 5/2 was at CN about 5 years ago. Was there with the now ex, but now can't wait to get back home with my new love. If this is your first time be prepared to fall in love with Couples

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