It is a particularly raw, wet, windy November afternoon, here in Medford Mass. The strong winds and heavy rains that we had overnight, continue to howl and blow and rain. This has caused every tree, of every species, on every street around the neighborhood, to completely let go of their dull, drab, dangling participles. Now they huddle together in huge numbers on the ground. If it were not for the steady and heavy rain that we are having, the blustery winds would be carrying these memories of better times, to far distant places. What once had color and beauty and life, now congregate all along both sides of the street, lawns and driveways.

There is a very large oak tree close to our house. I estimate that it is about 8-10 feet around and 40 to 60 feet tall. My guess is that it is 70-100 years old. This mighty oak proudly displays its massive limbs, that branch out in all directions. During spring and summer months, these sturdy limbs supported a tremendous amount of of foliage. Looking at all that is now on the ground, I figure that this one towering timber alone, dropped five or six million tons of cargo. Of course, I'm just guessing. It will be a daunting task to clean up after Mother Nature.

I was standing at the door, watching all the activity being caused by wind and rain. Small bands of leaves would suddenly be caught in an updraft of wind and go scurrying and tumbling to someplace near by. All around I could see this dance being carried out. The relentless stormy activity outside, made many of the fallen, appear to be alive, as the wet and wind blow them from one resting place to another.

All around this neighborhood, as well as many others across the country, people must contend with the inevitable long winter months. It's never been on of my favorite time of the year. Perhaps if I were in to skiing or snowmobiling, then I would be looking forward to the onset of a humungouse snow storm. I am not. I am looking in quite another direction, with a compleatly different experience. "Goin where the weather suits my clothes...."

The divine Ms. N, has turned her attention to creating another seasonal change. She will no longer appear to be worm and comforting as she was during those precious few months of summer. Now we will feel her icy winds and frigid temps. Soon the days will be filled with shoveling at home and driving on frozen slippery roads.

The trees are bare. The flowers faded and are gone. The green of summer will be held in limbo until it will be time to return. Until that happens, I will look elsewhere for warmth and welcome.

To lush green vegetation. Splendead palm trees and mangroves. Zoisa grass and flames of the forest. Warm trade winds, soft sand, crystal clear emerald blue green waters. Smiling people, genuinely happy people. This is the place we will go.

By the time you read this, probably on Monday, we will be left with only two days, before returning to play in warm waters. Share laughter and camaraderie. To be at peace with the world and each other.

We are so ready..