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    Default CSA Beachfront Veranda Suite

    My Husband and I will be vacationing Feb.19-Mar.5. We have booked the beachfront veranda suit for the full 2 weeks but do not know if it is on the ground floor or upper level. Does any one know if you should request a particular level and can you change after one week to experience both levels. Also I have read in one of the messages that some of these suites have been upgraded. Has anyone seen or stayed in these suites and are aware of any upgrades.

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    We stayed in a beachfront verandah suite this past January. The big upgrade from when we were last at CSA in 2008 was that there was a flat screen TV in the room. I think the rooms they have updated are the beachfront suite rooms (old section).

    We have always ended up on either the second or third floor. We especially love the view from the 3rd floor, but the steps can get old (especially late at night). You can't reserve a specific floor, but you can certainly ask at check-in. I have no idea about changing floors midway through your trip; I know that I would hate to have to pack and unpack twice in one trip if I didn't have to.

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    They have been repainted and the teak wood has been oiled, but no real upgrades or remodels that I noticed. Once you arrive you can request a floor level, but it's not gauranteed that you will be able to get what you want and you can again request to be switched to a different level later in your trip. Where ever you end up you will fall in love with your room, your veranda, your view, and best of all your mate - enjoy!

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    We have a first floor room and love it.... only a few steps to the beach!
    Melissa & Anthony

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    My husband and I stayed in a bfvs in September. We were on the first floor and loved the fact that you could walk right off the patio onto the beach. Just be careful if you have a first floor's really easy to lock yourself out. The balcony doors automatically lock and you can't unlock them from the outside. I did it our second day there at 7:30 in the morning and had to treck to the front desk to get new key cards. Also, be sure you don't swing the latch over on the back door and then exit out of the balcony doors. I did that too. Fortunately my MacGuyver husband was able to use the "do not disturb" sign to work the latch off. I panicked thinking we were going to have to go tell the front desk that we needed maintenance to take a door of the hinges to get back into our room at midnight. But even with all of that, I would still want the first floor again

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    My wife and I stayed in the BFVS last feb. We thought that we would prefer a third floor room due to pirvacy, but we ended up on the ground floor, we LOVED it. It was so nice to walk outside and be on the beach within a matter of steps. You will be happy with any floor though trust me.

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    Default 1st Floor

    Thank you for all the insight. I have booked the 1st floor for late December. I did hear privacy may be a problem however, walking straight out to the beach will be a great experience.

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    Just a reminder Bern_Ford...

    We don't want you to be disappointed however, please understand that we do not guarantee any particular room, floor or building in advance

    Couples Resorts

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    Had a third fl for out honeymoon view was great, had a 1st floor last year and loved GB convenience...will be requesting a 1st floor again
    Erika & Sean

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    Yes, during a 2 weeks stay, they would allow you to switch rooms. If you want a 3rd floor or first floor room, and it is not available at check in, request to be moved when one is available. ( if a room is available at check in, they are willing to place you in that room, you just can not ask before arriving at the resort).

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    We were there last week....we also thought we wanted 3rd floor (view, privacy), but because our friends were there 3 days earlier then us they had experienced both the 3rd floor and then switched to ground level. They recommended it, we were lucky enough to get one and NO regrets!! It was amazing to be so close to the beach and with no stairs to contend with when running back to reapply some sunscreen or go potty! What we loved just as much was being at the end (or corner room) because we had plantation shutters which made it feel more airy and bright during the day and then you can close them at night for privacy. Also at night, you simply pull the drapes to the verandah closed. Nuff said!

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