I'm so excited that we've decided to get married at couples! I'm looking for all the help I can get on deciding which wedding location and resort to pick, etc. A picture is worth a thousand words so I would really appreciate any advice and pictures I can get from those of you who have "been there done that."

some main points of interest include:

1. I know they allow customization which is good because I'm really picky! I plan on bringing some of my own decorations so I know that it's what I like and I was wondering if they allow you to assist in decorating (I know I should let them do all the work so that it's stressfree for me, but I want my wedding day to be how I have envisioned!) How soon in advance is the decorating done? I am hoping for the chance to see the final decorating in advance so that I can make adjustments if I'm not happy so I don't arrive at the wedding and be disappointed.

2. Has anyone else been in the situation where they were having a hard time with the rule of having 50% of your guests staying at the same resort? we'll be having a group of around 15-20 and some of them are singles and my fiance's parents are bringing their 11yr old son so they won't be allowed to stay there.

3. I've scowered the message boards looking for pictures and many have been helpful, but it would be nice to have them all in one place so I don't have to keep searching the boards anytime I need a reference. if anyone has any pictures from their stay or especially their wedding I would appreciate SO SO much if you would please send them or the link to ashly87@hotmail.com.

4. I know most people have a destination wedding to be able to have it stress free and let everyone take care of everything for you. I do want as much help as possible and for it to be as stress free as possible but at the same time I'm really picky and want things to go perfectly. I hope I don't sound like a bridezilla, I just want my dream destination wedding to be the way I've always envisioned! are there any other picky brides out there and if so did you find that things went smoothly and the way you wanted despite your pickiness? (especially concerning your hair and makeup, decorations, etc.?)

5. We will be having our wedding at Couples and then a big reception when we get back home to IL. My fiance is probably going to be renting a tux and I'm pretty sure they charge by the day. if we rented one here at home and took it with us it would be a waste of money to pay for all those days he's not using it, however he would need it again when we got back for the reception. anyone know if there is a tux rental place nearby the resorts?

6. by looking through the message boards I've already come up with several outside photographers that seem to do a wonderful job. I'm hoping to keep adding to the list though just in case they happen to be booked on our day, etc. so any references to good photographers would be wonderful

7. I know the Tower Isle wedding package is a sunset package, however I'm looking to get married around 10 or 11am. I know the Tower Isle island is the location for the Au Naturel during the day so does anyone know if they make any exceptions for people wanting to get married there during the day? I love the gazebos there!

I could go on and on and on with questions and concerns. I really appreciate anyone's help and advice!again my email address is ashly87@hotmail.com I'm sooo exciteddd!!!! Thanks!!!