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    Default Type of swimwear?

    Looking to go to CSS (first timers) in the spring and don't think the au naturel is an option but was wondering what type of swimwear is appropriate for the pool and beach. Is just about anything allowed (like Wicked Weasel, Malibu Strings) or something a little more tame? Appreciate any input.

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    I typically wear either WW or Victoria's Secret "cheeky" suits for our trips. I veer toward the more conservative (ha) WW suits, and not the see-through or the micro's, though. You won't see many of them on the beach, but you will see some. More so at CSA (simply I think because it's a larger resort) than at CSS.

    We'll be at CSS in January, though, and I'll break the beach in with my WW's for you.
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    I cannot speak directly for CSS but I know that at CN we have seen all types of bathing suits, including Wicked Weasel.

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    As long as your vajaja is covered then any type is fine. When you order any drinks or food from the bar I would recommend a cover-up if you plan to go topless or your swimwear is a wildly skimpy. Thongs, thin suits, and skimpy suits are all fine. Whatever you're comfortable in.

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    You would fit in better with something more tame. You don't see many thongs at Couples. If you don't care, go ahead and push the envelope. No one will complain.

    And...try the au natural. Sunset Beach is huge and there are some pretty private areas.
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    Anything you want as long as it covers.
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    My wife wore Wicked Weasel and Malibustings at the beach and pool. We mostly hung out a SSB when we were at CSS though. She only saw one other lady in a thong when we where there though. I don't think thongs are common but they sure were not a problem.

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    Whatever you feel comfortable in. From the tiniest to the largest swimsuit its all your choice!

    My wife wears only a thong most times, including long beach walks at both CN and CSA. When she visits the pool bar for a beverage she simply throws on a small crop tank top and upon setting one foot on the sand during her return to the beach the top is gone in seconds LOL.
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    At CN, topless is ok on the beach; tops (and bottoms) are required at the pool. Beyond that, it's your call. AN is . . . AN.

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    I have never seen anyone in anything as revealing as the transparent or super tiny ones any of the times we were at CSA. There was one lady last time who had a fairly revealing suit. She created quite a scene but she the way she was acting was more of a problem than what she was wearing. I think if you are respectful of those around you it should not be a problem, the same as with any other situation. Put a cover up on when you walk around and you should be ok.

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    I do like the sound of the WICKED WEASEL

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    Anything goes without issue, as Melody states above it's more about your actions rather than what your wearing. Being able to wear what you want is one of the great attractions to couples!! Go with what YOU enjoy!

    You are on vacation and nobody knows you!

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    OK. Where’s the thong cartoon?

    Life is good

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    I always wear thongs and teeny tiny bikinis at Couples. Never been an issue at all. Wear what you like and have fun.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Iselle View Post
    I always wear thongs and teeny tiny bikinis at Couples. Never been an issue at all. Wear what you like and have fun.
    Hmmm like your style, if I did not know better I would suspect my wife submitted this post! LOL

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    Thanks for all of the comments. I may have to do a "little" bikini shopping before we get there.

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    Ebay is the best place for selection and pricing!
    You are on vacation and nobody knows you!

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    [I] am bringing 5 wicked weasel small small bikinis because its Jamaica. Can't do it home, might as well be adventurous there!!

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    My Hubby bought me 2 DCswimwear bikinis. Like Jan2931 said... I can't wear these at home... I'm gonna have fun in Jamaica!!!

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