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    Anyone know if they have a frisbee to throw around the beach at CSA?

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    I know that CSA has a "toy box" on the beach by the volleyball net that has beach toys in it. I can't be 100% sure that they have a frisbee but if I had to bet, I'd say they do.
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    I did not see any frisbee or "toybox", they do have a volleyball court set up on the beach and a horseshoe pit, next to it. If in doubt pack one and play catch in the water as it is waist deep out a ways...133 days 'til Rum Cream All I Want

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    Frisbee - a flat, circular, plastic, aerodynamic disk originally marketed by Whammo!Industries. Fits easily into the corner of a suitcase.

    Hey... bring your own! Lots of folks do... what's a beach without a frisbee or three?

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    we like to bring a nerf football too!

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