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    Default Calling All CSA Veterans!!

    We've finally decided on CSA - so excited!! But now we face the dilemma of which room to book.

    We were at CN earlier this year and stayed in the basic gardenview room, in a building back by the tennis courts/spa which we loved- it was nice and peaceful when we relaxed out on our deck. There was some road noise but it was no big deal to us at all.

    For CSA, we have the following rooms to choose from on our list:
    • Great House Verandah Suite
    • Oceanview Verandah Suite
    • Gardenview Verandah Suite

    Based on your experience, which one should we choose? Although popular, the Atrium rooms aren't an option for us because we must have a t.v. in our room.

    We do want a quiet location and from what I understand, the Great House may be a little "hotel"-like, closer to the action and therefore can be noisier.

    The Gardenview Verandah Suite is slightly more expensive than the Oceanview Verandah Suite which I don't quite understand...I thought you'd pay more to have an oceanview.

    Please help!

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    There is no "view" in the name of the suites like with the ocean verandah suits, you are behind the bvs. Ypu might get a partial view of the sea.I thought the ovs were more money as they are closer to the ocean. That doesnt sound right to me.
    I would try the ovs. Good luck

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    I would definately choose between the greathouse verandah suite or oceanview verandah suite. The gardenview rooms are long as your room does not back up to the road...and I think that might only be the old section (without verandah in the name). I used to be a travel agent and had a lot of complaints from clients who were placed next to the highway. There was a lot of noise but all of them were moved and were very happy with their new rooms. I stayed in the oceanview verandah suite. I loved the room but there really is a limited view. There are a lot of palm trees along the beach so chances are the views are obstructed. The only rooms we stayed in that had excellent views of the ocean is the greathouse verandah suite (because it is so high up) and the oceanfront verandah suite. The greathouse verandah suite was nice and the location was excellent. It just didn't have the same feel as the other rooms...felt more like a hotel. I was very happy with the oceanview verandah suite. You really can't go wrong with the OVS (or any other room on the resort).

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    Go for the Ocean Verandah Suite and ask for the buildings in the middle of the property. The OVS rooms that are right by the hot tub. If you want privacy ask for a third floor corner room. We had room 3316 and loved it! If you get one of those buildings you'll be right there in the middle of the resort. It's quiet, but you have equal access to everything. I say it's a blessing that the OVS is cheaper than the GVS. Go for it!

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    We stayed in an Ocean Verandah Suite in the newer section of CSA back in 2008. We had booked a Garden Verandah Suite also in the newer section, but only Garden Suites in the original section were available when we checked in. We were upgraded to an Ocean Verandah Suite the next day with a resort credit added to our account too...a nice touch I might say. They have recently upgraded the Garden Suites to include TVs and mini-bars so they are now classified as Garden Verandah Suites too. I don't know if they added glass to the wooden louvered windows in the Garden Suites during the upgrade but that was one of the reasons we didn't book one of them. My wife can not live without A/C at night and I felt the room would cool off better and stay less humid with glass in the windows. I agree with everyone else that you should book an Ocean Verandah Suite. There is no "VIEW" in the title and you can see why in my picture of the view from the second floor room 3210. The night we stayed in the Garden room it was right by the road and we did hear cars speeding by playing loud music. It didn't seem to bother us because we were exhausted from the long days travel. Also we didn't like that the wall separating the bathroom from the bedroom didn't go all the way up to the peaked ceiling. It may not bother some folk but bathroom privacy can be important at times.
    Make sure that you have lunch and snacks at Seagrapes Cafe on the beach and venture over to the sports/spa complex for a treatment, workout class and awesome smoothies.
    Enjoy your time in Paradise, aka CSA...we can't wait to return in Dec 2011.
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    We stayed in the Garden Verandah Suites last Feb. on the 3rd floor, and we were quite happy with it. These rooms have a TV, mini bar, wi-fi and Ipod player/charger. You can view several pictures of our room, inside and out, at the link below.

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