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    Default No nachos at CN?

    Just saw a review on trip advisor that said there are no nachos and pizza at the beach grill????? That was always a great afternoon snack. Would sure miss that and coming this week. Still can't wait to come home!

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    We just returned from CN on 10/27... the beach grill had nachos, but no pizza.

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    I read the same thing. The nachos and fixings were my snack almost every afternoon. Hope this was a short term problem.

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    We were there 10/19 - 10/26 and both Nacho's and Pizza were on the Heliconica buffet.

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    I read the same review and had the same question. It was great for a quickie snack and really sinful! Won't spoil my visit but am curious whether this "rumor" is true.

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    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! Whats next no chicken patties?? LOL

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    Whew.....I'm glad to hear from those of you who just returned. Seems like you were there right around the time of the person who posted the review. We will be there next week and I'll know for sure. Just wouldn't be the same without the afternoon and late night snack. But I'm sure I can find something else to eat...LOL.

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    Oh I hope this is not true. We always stop and get a big plate of nachos and a meat pattie to take to our room.

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    But are they available at the beach grill?

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    Yeah!! Glad to hear nachos are back/still there. A great mid-afternoon snack! Pizza was nice but I do LOVE those nachos!

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    we were just there in October. No pizza, still had the nacho cheese and chips but no pinto beans anymore. I missed those with my chips and cheese. Bring on the beans please.

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